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Multifunctional hacks for popular online games from WH-SATANO are developed by a team of professional developers. The products of our production represent the most secure solutions for those who wants to play their favorite game with cheats. On our website you will find many convenient programs using which you can get a feeling of unimaginable superiority over other players and stay unpunished.


In our assortment there is software for a variety of games: from classic multiplayer shooters to MOBA and MMORPG genre games. Similarly to the breadth of the list of games for which we have cheats, the choice of hacks and features with which they are equipped is also wide. For some games, we have 3 or more products - each cheater will be able to find an interesting and convenient product for his style of play. In addition, we offer various price categories and flexible tariffs. There are both expensive super private multifunctional multihacks and cheap scripts with a couple of features

  • Wallhack
  • AimBot
  • TriggerBot


The software is encrypted

The program code of our cheats is reliably protected from detection by anti-cheats

Affordable price

Our special prices, discounts and a large number of payment methods will surprise you


Our technical support agents are always happy to help you and answer all your questions


In our store you will find and be able to buy private cheats for the most popular games

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