Hunt Showdown Private Hack

Information about cheat

If you were looking for a reliable and safe cheat for Hunt: Showdown, then you have found it. Our software for this game has been working for a long time, we regularly update it and do our best to ensure that our customers get the most out of the game. Private cheat by Wh-Satano for Hunt includes only legit features, as we focus on you playing with our hack and not getting your account banned. The list of features includes ESP with detailed settings: wallhack against players, wallhack against zombies, ESP showing various loot, etc. In addition, our cheat is not only the safest, but also the cheapest. To sum up, don't waste your time, buy the best cheat for Hunt Showdown at the fairest price in the Wh-Satano cheat store.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

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List of features in the cheat

  • Wallhack(WH) - In this cheat, only visual functions are presented. The ability to see various objects and characters through obstacles
  • Zombies - Allows you to see zombies through walls and other obstacles
  • Special Zombies - Display special zombies behind the walls
  • Bosses - Ability to see bosses behind obstacles
  • Players - This item is responsible for displaying other players behind the walls
  • Dead Players - If this item is enabled, then dead players will also be displayed
  • Boxes - highlights the characters that you see (zombies, bosses, players)with boxes (squares)
  • Distance - shows the distance to the displayed object (character, object or something else)
  • Ammo Box - text highlights ammo boxes on the map
  • Health Box - using text shows first-aid kits behind the walls
  • Dropped Weapons - displays weapons lying on the ground
  • Hints - allows you to see hints through walls
  • World Items - allows you to see the items that spawn on the map
  • Upcoming updates - we plan to supplement the cheat, so soon you will see more features here
  • Skeleton ESP - Shows enemies behind walls with skeletons that are drawn on top of their models
  • Head Dot - a small dot that is clearly drawn in the center of the enemy's head
  • Crosshair - a square dot that is always in the place of the sight
  • Posters - display posters
  • Cash Registers - show where cash registers are located
  • Snake Baskets - display the location of snake baskets