Rust Cheats

We offer undetected cheats, spoofers and macros

We at Wh-Satano have been developing private cheats for Rust for a long time. Our first cheat was released back in 2018, the Phoenix Rust Hack then gathered a lot of users and worked stably for several months. But after that, the Rust developers took us seriously and we had to freeze the development of software for Rust for some time. But at the end of 2019, we returned with a lite version of our hack, which includes fewer features. Phoenix Rust No Recoil + Always Day + Debug Camera + WH has been selling steadily since 2019 and is regularly updated. We also always provide our clients with a workable spoofer to bypass hwid, because every second cheater needs this in Rust. In 2022, when the difficulty of developing stable cheats has increased for this game, we decided to add macros to our assortment that are not hacks, and therefore much safer. The range of products in this section of the site will gradually expand, because this game is very popular and safe software for it is always in great demand for cheaters.