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Paladins is a fairly popular game, so we decided to add software for this game to the assortment of our store. In the future, the list of products for this game will increase. Although it is quite easy to cheat on Paladins, the number of private cheats in this game is quite small. To find a good private cheat for paladins, you will have to try. Our products are stable and reliable, so you won't have to search long.

Welcome to Wh-Satano, where you can buy Paladins cheats to significantly improve your Paladins level and become a more successful player. Our cheats have a number of features that will allow you to confidently fight on the battlefield and achieve the desired results.

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    We guarantee the lowest chance of ban, and also ensure privacy and security for all our users. All our cheats for the game Paladins are securely encrypted and will never be disclosed to third parties or developers. Your account and other data will remain secure and confidential. If it is important for you to play on the same account without fear, then you should purchase cheats from us.

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    Our software has many cool features that allow you to get an advantage in the game. This includes WH (ESP) to display information about opponents, Aimbot to make shooting easier, No Recoil - disables weapon recoil when shooting and many other features that will help you survive in the world of Paladins and succeed in battles with other players.

  3. Easy installation and easy start of use without unnecessary complications

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  5. Continuous software updates

    We regularly update our programs so that they are always compatible with the latest versions of Paladins and work flawlessly. We also closely monitor updates and changes in the operation of the EAC anti-cheat and adapt to all its improvements. Our team is ready to provide you with additional information and help you choose the right cheat for Paladins.

Cheat options for Paladins:

Aimbot for Paladins

Aim includes Aim Prediction, which predicts your opponents' movements, allowing you to better hit moving targets. The FOV feature allows you to adjust the radius of target acquisition, while Smooth adjusts the smoothness of the aimbot's movements, providing a smoother operation. Draw Circle shows you the aimbot's operating area using a circle around your crosshair, and Draw Priority indicates where the aimbot will aim if you open fire from your current crosshair position.

Wallhack(WH) for Paladins

The cheat is also equipped with the 2D Boxes feature, which shows opponents behind walls and obstacles using boxes, as well as the Names and Distance functions, which provide information about the nicknames of other players and the distance to enemy characters in meters, respectively. You can also customize the colors for visual features thanks to the customization feature.

Misc Functions

In addition, our software for paladins offers the No Recoil and No Spread features, which disable weapon recoil and bullet spread when shooting, as well as the Third Person feature, which enables a third-person view. Moreover, you can bind your keys to activate some functions of the cheat.


We are confident that our product offers some of the most powerful and effective features to help you succeed in Paladins. By purchasing a cheat from us, you not only get a tool to improve the level of your game, but also the opportunity to become one of the best players in the game.

If you have any questions regarding our products or our other services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to provide you with additional information and assistance in choosing the right software for your needs.