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This page contains cheats for Escape From Tarkov. If you are looking for cheats for Tarkov Arena, then look for them on the page "Cheats for Escape From Tarkov: Arena" .

Welcome Escape from Tarkov players! You are probably here to learn how to improve your performance in this wonderful game, and we are happy to share with you all the information you need about buying Tarkov cheats. In this section of the site we will explain in detail what types of cheats are available, what benefits they provide and how to purchase them. Are you ready to start this exciting journey? Let's find out!


Escape from Tarkov is a game that requires skill, strategy, patience and the ability to make quick decisions. Sometimes, to survive in this harsh world, you may need a little edge. And this is where buying cheats for Tarkov comes to the rescue. But before we get into the details, let's look at what Tarkov cheats are and what benefits they provide. In EFT, cheats are widespread, because in this game you can earn money, and the cost of accounts and items is often simply huge. Therefore, high-quality utilities on Tarkov become an integral part of the gameplay for many players.

What are cheats for Tarkov?

Cheats for Tarkov are software designed to improve the gaming experience. They provide players with additional features such as increasing shooting accuracy, detecting enemy locations, and other types of hacking. This can greatly improve your chances of winning and help you achieve better results.

Frequently asked questions about cheats on Tarkov (FAQ)

Q: Is it safe? Will I get banned for using cheats?

  • A: The chance of getting banned when using private cheats is minimal. All cheats are 100% safe and verified at the time of publication on the site. If a product is available for purchase, it means that it is currently relevant and has UNDETECTED status.

Q: In what situation is there a chance of getting a ban?

  1. A:The most common reason for account blocking when playing with cheats is careless play. Don't set your KDA too high and don't get too many reports, then the chance of getting banned due to complaints from other players will be minimal.
  2. A:Even if the cheat you purchased is safe at the moment, this may change sooner or later. Developers sometimes release anti-cheat updates, which cause detections. Sometimes even cheats that have been safe for many years are detected.
  3. A: The third reason for bans is the HWID ban (hardware ban). If you have previously received a ban for using cheats on your PC, then most likely your computer has been blacklisted by anti-cheat. In such a situation, you will be banned from the new account even without using cheats. To get around this you will have to use a spoofer or buy a new computer.

Q: How much do cheats for Tarkov cost?

  • A: The price of cheats may vary depending on their functionality and reliability. The cost of software with minimal functionality starts from $3 for 1 day of use.

Q: Where can I find cheats for Tarkov?

Q: How can I know which cheat is best for me?

  • A: We recommend that you study in detail the information about cheats from our range. You can also consult our support team or other players.

Q: Can I use cheats on my main account?

  • A:Using cheats always carries the risk of account blocking, so be prepared for the consequences. If your main account is truly valuable to you, then we recommend creating a second account to use cheats only on it.

Q: What software is suitable for use on main acc?

  • A: If you are ready to take a risk and play based on cheats, then we recommend using reliable cheats with minimal functionality.

EFT Hacks Features.

We have collected all the main feature of cheats for Tarkov in a table:
Feature Description Risk level Software that have this feature


Player ESP(WH for Players) ESP (also known as wallhack) allows you to see PMC and Scavs behind walls or other obstacles. Depending on the cheat you're using, you can also view their inventory price, health level, weapon etc. Legit Chams, Chams++, Rage(VX), Superior(Authority), Advanced, Secret, SKY
Scav ESP(Scavs WH)


Aimbot (Vector Aim) Vector aimbot moves your mouse and sticks to the target within aimbot field of view (FOV). That allows quickly and effectively pinpoint and dispatch any PMC/Scav in a fight Semi-rage Rage(VX), Superior(Authority), Advanced, Secret
Silent Aimbot A stronger that a vector one, silent aimbot instantly registers hits on targets that are in the filed of view (FOV) of the aimbot. It is advised to use it carefully and switch to vector aimbot from time to time. Rage
3 Item ESP (WH for Loot) Visual feature that allows you to display loot items located on the ground, in containers and in the corpses of other players. Legit Chams ++, Rage(VX), Superior(Authority), Advanced, Secret, SKY
4 Weapon Exploits No recoil (Disable recoil) No recoil completely eliminates the recoil of your weapon, allowing you to shoot at the target from any distance. Can be used separately from the Aimbot feature for a more legit game. Semi-rage Chams++, Rage(VX), Superior(Authority), Advanced, Secret, SKY
No sway(Disable Swaying) No sway function removes any weapon sway from movement or damage, boosting overall accuracy. Legit Chams++, Rage(VX), Superior(Authority), Advanced, Secret, Sky
5 Visors Night vision These features allows to enable an effect of night vision or thermal vision, even if you don't have any NVG or thermal goggles equipped. It is especially useful during night-time raids or on generally dark locations, such as Reserve basements or Interchange mall. Legit Superior(Authority), Secret, SKY
Thermal vision Superior(Authority), Secret, SKY
9 Loot through walls Loot through walls makes possible to grab any items within certain (3-5m) radius even if they're behind the walls or other obstacles. For example, it is possible to loot marked room at Customs dorms even if you don't have the key for that room - you can pick up the items through wall or floor. Semi-rage Rage(VX), Superior(Authority), Advanced, Secret, SKY
10 Instant search Instant search shows items which are in containers/backpacks/chest rigs without manually clicking on them to search, greatly reducing time required to loot body/container. Legit Superior(Authority), Secret
11 Instant examime Instant examine shortens the time to examine certain unknown items (such as key cards or stimulators) to less than a second. Legit
12 Infinite stamina Infinite stamina feature completely removes stamina decrease while walking/sprinting, allowing you to sprint as long as you want. Rage Chams++, Rage(VX), Superior(Authority), Advanced, Secret, SKY
13 Speedhack Speedhack greatly increases your movement speed, allowing to reach the exfil point quickly or get to the point of interest on the map much more quickly than other players. Rage Superior(Authority), Secret
14 Instant ADS Instant ADS feature allows you to aim down sights instantly, regardless of your weapon ergonomics parameter. Legit Sky, Superior(Authority), Secret

How to buy cheats for Escape From Tarkov(EFT)?

Now that you understand what benefits cheats in Tarkov can provide, let's look at how you can purchase them.

  1. Go to the section with cheats on the Wh-Satano website: Buy cheats for EFT.(We are already here)
  2. Now you need to familiarize yourself with our assortment for Escape From Tarkov.
  3. Choose the right cheat: Choose a product that suits your needs and play style.
  4. Go to the page of the selected software and study the screenshots, watch the video.
  5. Payment and installation: After choosing a cheat, place an order, make a payment and follow the installation instructions.


Buying ETF cheats is a solution that can improve your performance in the game. However, you should remember that this comes with the risk of a ban, so always evaluate your actions and use cheats with caution. We hope that this article helped you better understand the structure of the world of Tarkov cheats and make an informed choice.