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Information about cheat

We present to your attention Chams++ - an advanced EFT cheat for true connoisseurs of the legit cheating. This product is an extended version of the legendary EFT Chams(StealthChams) for Tarkov, which has established itself as the most reliable and stable EFT software. Chams++ is not inferior to the classic software in terms of stability and security, but at the same time it significantly expands your possibilities thanks to new cool functionality. In addition to classic player chams, you also get infinite stamina, recoil disable, and highly customizable loot WH. In addition, it is worth noting the high degree of optimization of Chams ++, because this software will hardly affect the flash FPS in the game, so this is one of the few cheats that is suitable even for relatively weak PCs. We can talk about the benefits of such an excellent product for a very long time, so we advise you not to waste time and go to test it in a raid as soon as possible!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10(20h1-22h2), Windows 11(21h2, 22h2)
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Battlestate Games Launcher

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WH against Players(EFT Chams++)

  • Wallhack - allows you to see players and bots through walls
  • Chams - wh in the form of chams, full filling of player models
  • Players(PMC) - esp against enemy players
  • Scavs - wallhack against scavs
  • Bots - cheat works against AIs
  • Bosses - also shows all bosses on the map
  • TeamCheck - allies (teammates) are highlighted in a separate color
  • Visible Check - players behind walls and in line of sight are painted in different colors
  • Custom Colors - the ability to choose colors to your taste for various targets
  • Chams Distance - setting the chams rendering distance
  • Local Chams (Self Chams) - активирует чамсы на вашего персонажа, позволяет закрасить ваши руки в любой цвет

Loot ESP for EFT(Items WH)

  • Loot ESP - wallhack allows you to see the necessary loot behind walls and other obstacles
  • All Items - the mode in which the location of all the loot around you will be shown
  • Add Item - you can select items that will be displayed by the cheat
  • Item Filter - a convenient item filter that allows you to include loot by category or search by name
  • Item Prices Color - different colors of items depending on their price
  • Item Categories Color - different colors for loot from different categories
  • Early Quest Items Access - allows you to loot quest items before receiving quests
  • Chams All Items - activate chams showing all items (the color is set depending on the selected filter)
  • Chams Quest Items - chams for all quest items, separate color

Misc (Other Chams++ Features)

  • No Recoil - disables weapon recoil when firing
  • No Stamina (Infinite Stamina) - infinite stamina (for sprinting and other things)
  • Instant ADS (Instant Aiming) - instant transition to sight mode (without animation)
  • No Malfunctions - disables weapon malfunctions
  • No Sway - removes weapon swaying when firing
  • No intertia - removes the inertia of your character when moving (instant stop, sharp turns during a sprint)
  • Always Sprint - the ability to use sprint in any state/position
  • No Visor - remove the visor effect of the used helmet/visor
  • CFG - all settings are saved in the config file, there is no need to reconfigure the cheat every time
  • Multilang - cheat menu supports English, Russian
  • Instant Search - instant search of containers
  • No Visor - disable the visual effect of the helmet visor
  • No Pain Effects - removes pain defects (blurs, blood stains, etc.)
  • 1.8 Speedhack (F2) - activate speedhack on the F2 key
  • Night Vision (F3) - enable night vision mode without having the appropriate equipment
  • Thermal Vision (F4) - enable thermal vision mode without having the appropriate equipment