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Information about cheat

This time, our store introduces an extraordinary novelty: Superior Hack for EFT. This cheat represents a true masterpiece among software for various games. The hack features a beautifully designed menu, excellent and convenient aimbot, a wide range of MISC functions, and flexible customization options for all features and their parameters. Yes, the cheat is not the cheapest, but considering its quality, this product is worth every penny. The finely tuned Loot ESP allows you to search for quest items, while the Player ESP displays the value of other players' inventories, giving you an advantage by knowing who to target first. With reliable bypass for Battle Eye anti-cheat, the risk of being banned is minimized. Authority for EFT also comes with a built-in spoofer that will help you avoid/bypass HWID bans in the game. We hope that you will take advantage of our offer and buy the best cheat for Tarkov!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Battlestate Games Launcher

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Main Player ESP(EFT WH against Players)

  • Player ESP - wh against players in EFT
  • Box ESP - wh in the form of boxes
  • Box Mode - box style (corners or full)
  • Filled Box - filling the background of boxes
  • Name ESP - player nicknames
  • Distance - distance to enemies
  • Weapon - a weapon in the hands of opponents
  • Ammo Count - the number of bullets enemies have
  • Skeleton ESP - wh in the form of skeletons
  • Bot ESP - show bots and their prefixes (types)
  • Boss ESP - show the boss and his name
  • Health ESP - show HP as a bar/text

Additional ESP(Extra Wallhack Features)

  • Player Inventory - contents of players' inventory
  • Player Inventory Price - the cost of player inventory
  • Visibility State - target visibility status (behind a wall or in line of sight)
  • Mines - show mines
  • Chams - chams, full painting of player models
  • Chams Through the Walls - chams wallhack
  • Grenades - show thrown grenades and other explosives
  • Smoke Grenades - show activated smoke grenades
  • Visible Check - highlight targets differently in line of sight and behind walls
  • Custom Colors - the ability to set your own colors for all WH elements
  • Max Distance - limit the range for ESP

EFT Aimbot(Legit & Rage)

  • Vector Aimbot - a vector aimbot simulates human mouse movements
  • Auto Switch Target - automatically change target after killing
  • Aimbot key - key binding for the aimbot
  • Visible Check - fire only at visible targets
  • FOV - size of the aimbot's working area
  • Bone - selection of body parts (hitboxes) for aiming
  • Silent Aimbot - aimbot mode in which bullets hit targets, but the sight does not move
  • Instant Hit - bullets instantly reach victims
  • Draw FOV - show the size of the aimbot's working area as a circle around the sight
  • Draw Bone - highlight the hitbox to which the aimbot is attached
  • Aimbot Line - line to the current aimbot target
  • Max Distance - limit the aiming distance

EFT Loot ESP Categories

  • Keys - Displays the locations of keys for various doors
  • Containers - shows loot containers
  • Barter - Displays items for bartering with traders
  • Provisions - food, drinks, and other consumable supplies
  • Gear - Shows armor, helmets, backpacks, and other equipment
  • Meds - medical supplies such as bandages, stimulants, medications, painkillers, and other medical items
  • Sights - sights and optics for firearms
  • Supressors - suppressors, flash hiders, and other muzzle devices for firearms
  • Weapon - displays weapons found on the ground
  • Ammo - indicates the location of ammunition on the ground
  • Magazines - displays the location of weapon magazines
  • Tactical Devices - flashlights and laser pointers
  • Weapon Parts - weapon components such as stocks, barrels, and other attachments.
  • Special Equipment - rangefinders, beacons, and other tactical gadgets
  • Maps - reveals the location of maps with terrain plans

Loot ESP(Items)

  • Categories - filters loot by categories
  • Price - displays the price of the displayed items
  • Quest Items - displays quest items with a separate color
  • Containers ESP - esp for displaying containers with loot
  • Corpses - displays loot-containing player and NPC corpses
  • Min Price - filters displayed loot by minimum price
  • Loot Filter - a flexible system for filtering displayed items
  • Distance - the distance in meters to the displayed loot revealed by the wallhack
  • Icon - icons representing items in the wallhack
  • Background - filling the background of the displayed loot
  • Custom Colors - the ability to choose colors for different parameters of Loot ESP
  • Max Distance - limit the display distance for different Loot ESP categories
  • Filled Background - darkened background for selected objects

Weapon Misc(Weapon Exploits)

  • No Recoil - disable weapon recoil when firing
  • No Sway - Disable weapon sway during shooting
  • Fast Mag Load - Quick reloading of ammunition into magazines
  • Fast Mag Unload - Quick unloading of ammunition from magazines
  • Instant ADS - Instant transition to aiming down sights when right-clicking
  • Weapon NoClip - Disables weapon collision
  • Crosshair - Draws a static reticle in the center of the screen
  • Ammo Count - Displays the quantity of rounds in the magazine of the active weapon at the top of the screen
  • Infinite Oxygen - the ability to endlessly hold your breath for accurate aiming
  • Fire Mode - show the current fire mode of the weapon next to the number of rounds
  • Bullet tracers - bullets are visible when shooting
  • No Malfunction - weapons are always in good(no misfires)
  • Always Shoot - allows you to shoot on the move/from any position

Other Misc Features

  • No Visor - Removes the visual effect from equipped helmets
  • Infinity Stamina - Unlimited stamina reserve
  • Slow Fall - Slows down the descent when jumping from a height
  • High Jump - Allows for high jumping
  • Loot Through Walls - Increases the radius for item pickup and allows looting through walls
  • Instant Examine - Instantly examines unidentified items.
  • Multi-Search - Allows you to search multiple slots at once (rig, pockets, etc.)
  • Thermal Vision - Thermal imaging mode without wearing a visor
  • Speedhack - increases the movement speed of your character
  • Time Changer - fixes a certain time of day
  • Radar - displays players and other information on a radar screen
  • FOV Changer - adjusts the field of view parameter
  • Combat Mode - enables a combat-mode that disables all visuals except player ESP
  • Instant Search - instant search for items in containers
  • Night vision - night vision mode
  • No Inertia - disables inertia (instant stop of movement, sharp turns)

Extra(Bonus Cheat Features)

  • Menu - a user-friendly interface for managing cheat functionalities
  • Visuals Preview - provides a preview of the visual ESP features directly within the cheat menu
  • Aimbot Bones Preview - allows you to select body parts for the aimbot by clicking on them on the character model within the cheat menu
  • Thermal Key - bind for thermal vision
  • Speedhack Key - the button that activates speedhack
  • Menu Key - the ability to select a button to open the menu
  • Panic Key - a button to instantly disable the cheat and all of its functions in case of emergency.
  • Battle-Mode Key - a key that activates the combat mode for visuals
  • Items Localization - item names are adjusted to the language of the game client
  • Players List - the menu has a tab showing the list of players on the server and the cost of their inventory
  • Built-In Spoofer - built-in spoofer to bypass HWID ban in EFT
  • Russian Menu - you can turn on the Russian language in the menu