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General description of the game Marauders

Marauders is a tactical shooter set in a futuristic dystopia. The players' task is to plunder abandoned stations, board spaceships and fight pirates.

The game was of great interest to users who are interested in science fiction universes. Here you can play as a space pirate, cutting through space on his own ship. At the same time, you don’t have to be at the helm, because you can take up a weapon and plunder an abandoned station or another ship. The game is a bold hybrid, combining the mechanics of raids, where you play from the first person, with the simulation of space battles. Moreover, the events of the game take place in 1992, when a war occurred and industrialization led to the destruction of the entire ecosystem of the planet. as a result, humanity had to go into space and fight for its own survival.

In the game, users become ordinary marauders who travel on their steampunk-style ships in search of valuable loot. You can sell absolutely everything found in the game. The main thing is to find the right merchant. At the same time, data on valuable resources and location is freely available. Consequently, users encounter opponents who are also hunting for treasure. If you kill them, you can take away everything valuable.

As a rule, the raid lasts about 20 minutes. This time approximately coincides with the oxygen consumption in the cylinders. After the raid you need to return to the dock. The captain's key is used for this. All valuable loot is sent to the cache. However, if the user dies, he loses all the property that was on him. However, the avatar or vessel remains with him. Customization is available for unique coins, which are issued by the system upon successful completion of the raid. Note that the allies are not identified here in any way, and therefore there is a risk of them being shot during the raid. You can complete the raid either alone or in a team. It is permissible to take from two to four players with you. The developers have made a fairly comfortable lobby where friends can gather. However, there is no filter system, and therefore random pirates can wander in.

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