PUBG Cheats

WH-SATANO project owns three private hacks for Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds.

The WH-SATANO team has been developing private cheats for PUBG (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds) for an impressively long time. Our first Wallhack Cheat for PUBG was released back in 2017 - it was PUBG X-Ray by Phoenix Hack. After that, we also provided our customers with PUBG Mod. But Phoenix PUBG Radar became a real breakthrough in its time. Our private radar for PUBG has remained UNDETECTED since its release in December 2019 until August 2021. This is just an absolute record among all cheats for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. In addition, there was a time when we sold an interesting hack for PUBG Lite, but after the shutdown of the game's servers, we had to close the development. At the moment, we suggest you pay attention to PUBG Wallhack and cheat for PUBG Mobile. All our software is as reliable and safe as possible, you definitely will not get an account ban immediately after purchase!