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Our team has a tremendous experience in developing and selling cheats for Rainbow Six Siege. Our first software for R6S was developed and released back in the summer of 2020. It was the legendary Phoenix Hack for Rainbow Six Siege. The product remained undetected for a long time and gathered a huge number of enthusiasts worldwide. The cheat captivated users with its simplicity: it included Cav ESP, No Sway, No Recoil, Chams, and nothing more. Its main advantage was its security. Unfortunately, it became increasingly difficult to maintain this cheat due to its popularity. Developers constantly kept an eye on us and quickly found our weaknesses. In 2022, we had to freeze this project. After that, we tried other developments for R6S: Phoenix Neon and Phoenix Legacy. The first cheat was an even more limited version of Phoenix, and the second one was a Rage Version. However, these software solutions didn't last long, although they were made with great quality. And now, in 2023, we decided to release a simple Wallhack cheat for Rainbow Six Siege from our partner. Additionally, when purchasing any cheats for Rainbow Six Siege in our store, you have the right to receive the Phoenix Spoofer after your purchase.