Cheats for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

Project WH-SATANO has 2 cheats for Tom Clancy`s Rainbow Six

In the summer of 2020, the Wh-Satano team first introduced a product for the game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Phoenix R6S. To create it, we applied all our accumulated experience working with BattleEye. The resulting multihack is comfortable to play and tuned for the safest possible game. We provide a rainbow cheat at the lowest market price. Everyone who buys rainbow software gets a free spoofer that is suitable for other games as well. ESP (Allows you to look through the walls) and in this cheat is very comfortable and does not hurt the eyes, and No Recoil (No recoil) and No Sway (no scatter) has a smart guidance system, which makes this WH the best in its category. All this together makes the cheat unique and reliable, and the low price of the cheat makes it incredibly affordable