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Wh-Satano is a popular and by the standards of its path a very large organization engaged in the development of private cheats for popular multi-user online games. We offer products of our own production for such games as: CS:GO, Rust, PUBG, Apex Legends, R6S, LOL, Valorant, Hunt Showdown and ARK. And we are also developing a spoofer to bypass hardware bans from various anti-cheats. Moreover, together with our partners, we also provide services in such games as: DayZ, Warzone, Battlefield 5, Dead by Daylight, World War 3, Fortnite, Dota 2, PUBG Mobile, Super People, Veiled Experts, Rogue Company, The Cycle Frontier, Squad, Paladins, Escape from Tarkov and Bloodhunt. For many years of work in this field, we have earned the recognition of many regular customers, so if you are looking for a private cheat for of any game, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with our offer. A serious approach to work and a high level of discipline of our employees will serve as a guarantee that in our store you will buy only products of the highest quality.

Our project started its activity in the relatively distant 2015. Then we started developing and selling private hacks for the csgo game. Our goal was to make good and high-quality cheats available to all players. At that time, many projects related to this game were opened, but those who are still working can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Over time, we began to master the development of applications for other games, too. But our key feature has always been that we never pursue hype and quantity alone features in hacks. We are interested in creating balanced solutions that will work stably and that can be sold at a reasonable price. We focus on ban protection and availability of our products on the maximum number of devices. It is important for us to reach our audience as widely and qualitatively as possible.

The key group of products in our project are products from the developers of Phoenix Hack. It is under this brand that all our bestsellers of the world of cheats have thundered. It was the phoenix that repeatedly conquered the world the market in such games as Apex, Pubg, Rainbow, Rust and League of Legends. The software coming out under this brand was kept record-breaking long periods of undetected with many thousands of active users. All thanks to the fact that we focused our efforts on bypassing anti-cheats and the stability of the program, and not on the number and power of features. From our pen, as a rule, the most simple, convenient and minimalistic applications come out. Many people have been playing with phoenix without a ban for so long that they have completely lost the habit of playing without cheats.

In addition to phoenix, there are also other development groups in our project. Once upon a time we released a cheat called Onyx for CS:FO, but onyx was too unstable, and its developers were too frivolous, so after the detection we had to close the product. Another brand of cheats that is now closed is BlastHack. The blasthack cheats for Apex and CSGO did not meet our expectations. We have continued their development and sales, putting the safety and comfort of our users above the desire to get more profit. Now we have products produced under our brand: cheats for pubg, hunt and ark. This list will be expanded, because we strive to cover as many cool games as possible. Moreover, together with our partners from other projects , we are developing many more private hacks for various games. One of our main partners is Softhub, together with them we develop a large number of External cheats for games of average popularity. Our other important partner is the Dullwave project, and we, in turn, are the main seller of their products. Cheat dullwave for DayZ is one of our best-selling products.

Our team focuses not only on the cheats, but also on many things related to their operation. We have a large team of technical support agents who are ready to answer customers' questions almost at any time of the day and help them solve problems that sometimes arise. We use various channels to provide technical support for the convenience of users. Russian-speaking users usually receive consultations via dialogue with our groups in the social network VK, and foreign users use for this PM in the discord and our forum. Our forum also has a high attendance and there you can find a lot of useful information on the topic cheats.

Summing up, we can say that we are a very responsible and multidisciplinary organization for this field of activity. We are still developing, so in the future it will be possible to tell a lot more different information about us, everything is still ahead.