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Private Cheats for Insurgency

A little about the game

Insurgency Sandstorm is a realistic first-person shooter. Here you do not have a static sight in the middle of the screen, there are no markers along which hits on enemies are visible. To achieve victory you need to complete various tactical tasks such as capturing points or destroying targets. Also in Insurgency, players need to save resources, because if you reload a magazine with a certain amount of cartridges in it, the old magazine with cartridges in it will be destroyed. In short, Insurgency is a fairly complex game, so the private cheat features will be very useful. Next, we will talk about the possibilities and advantages of private cheats for Insurgency Sandstorm.

Cheat features for Insurgency Sandstorm:

  • WH (ESP) - the main type of cheats for any shooting game and not only. Allows you to see players and various information about them through walls;
  • Aimbot - assistance in aiming at enemies when shooting is also indispensable in first-person shooters. Allows you to hit targets more accurately;
  • No Recoil - shooting in Insurgency is quite realistic and controlling recoil is not so easy, so disabling recoil will be very useful here;
  • Radar - on the radar you can see enemies and other information, a safer WH option for those who like the most inconspicuous cheats.

Other types of hacking are also possible, it all depends on the specific cheat. We only talked about the main functions in the cheats for Insurgency Sandstorm.

Private or free cheat for Insurgency Sandstorm?

Now we will tell you how private cheats differ from free cheats. Insurgency, like any other popular online game, is protected by an anti-cheat that blocks the accounts of players caught cheating. As a rule, players with free cheats are banned, because such programs are in the public domain and the developers have analyzed them a long time ago. Private cheats, in turn, are available only to those who paid for them. Therefore, the chance of their detection is much lower. In addition, private cheats are regularly updated and new functions appear, ban protection is improved, and bugs are fixed. Moreover, the most important problem with free cheats is not even the chance of getting banned, but the unsafety of using them for your personal data. Developers of free software do not receive money for their products, and therefore often go to the extent of stealing the data of their users to get money. To summarize, we hope that you have understood the dangers of using free cheats and will prefer our private cheats for Insurgency Sandstorm and other games to such risks.

How to buy cheats on Insurgency?

  1. Go to the appropriate section of the Wh-Satano store: "Cheats for Insurgency"(You're already here).
  2. Check out the assortment and choose a cheat to suit your taste.
  3. Go to the page of the cheat you have chosen and read more information about it.
  4. Select the required number of days and place your order. For cheats on Insurgency, available purchase from 1 to 30 days.
  5. Follow the instructions of the payment system to pay for the order.
  6. After processing your order, you instantly get access to cheats.