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The Wh-Satano project is renowned for the quality of its software and high level of professionalism. We started working with a game like Dayz in 2022. Despite the popularity of this game, we hadn't had the opportunity to work with it until 2022. The first software for Dayz in our lineup was a multifunctional hack developed in collaboration with our partners. The cheat demonstrated excellent results and became a bestseller among Dayz cheats in 2022. We decided not to stop there and continue expanding our product range for Dayz Standalone. Initially, we added a more affordable private cheat of our own production, which, despite its accessibility, includes several unique features. At the very least, it is the only cheat that fully supports the DLC Livonia Edition for Dayz. Recently, we also introduced an advanced hack, which includes a built-in spoofer and features OBSBypass (StreamProof), making it suitable for streaming or video recording. The finishing touches in this regard for us were the release of the spoofer and the Superior cheat. It is worth noting that the Superior Hack for Dayz is a true work of art, if such epithets can be applied to cheats. Choose the software that suits your taste and play style, and dominate the Dayz servers!