Cheats for DayZ

Project WH-SATANO has 2 cheat for DayZ

The WH-SATANO project is famous for the stability and quality of its cheats. We started our work with the release of Multihack, created together with partners. It showed excellent results, and users showed their interest in cheats for Deyz. Cheats were regularly updated and getting better. However, we wanted to make the software more accessible. The next product was the DayZ Private hack of its own development at a lower price, but this does not lose in safety and quality of performance. We consider Dayz to be a promising game, because after the release of the beta online continues to grow, and the number of positive feedback from the players is constantly growing. Therefore, we plan to further expand the range of products and improve their visual and technical part, leaving only high safety standards unchanged. While you have access to such functions as: ESP - both for players and for loot, AIM with the possibility of personalization, as well as many additional chips. Which you can learn about on the pages of our cheats for Dayz.