Buy Superior Hack for DayZ (Authority Cheat)

Information about cheat

On this page, we offer you the opportunity to purchase our best cheat for DayZ Standalone. Superior Hack for DayZ includes almost all possible features: regular aimbot for legit gameplay, silent aim for rage gameplay, wallhack for players and loot, as well as noclip and various other functions. We would like to highlight the excellent visual features: the wallhack is customizable through a convenient menu, and you can preview it directly in the cheat menu. All text in the ESP features is displayed in a beautiful font and is easily readable. Loot display in the ESP is accompanied by an icon. All visuals can be customized in detail: you can choose colors, maximum display distance, and even a dark background behind the text for greater convenience. And that's not all – hitboxes for the aimbot can be selected by clicking on the character model in the menu. In addition to wallhack and aimbot, the software offers a variety of exploits and miscellaneous features. So it's easier to experience Dayz Authority hack in the game. We look forward to your feedback!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

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Player ESP (WH against Players for DayZ)

  • Box ESP - displaying rectangles around players
  • Box Mode - adjusting the appearance of the boxes (2D, Corners, Filled)
  • Health ESP - showing information about player health
  • Health Mode - customizing the visual representation of health (Bar, Text)
  • Name ESP - displaying player names
  • Distance - distance to enemies in meters
  • Weapon - displaying weapons held by players
  • Dead - ESP for dead players
  • Snapline - drawing lines to players
  • Inventory - displaying player inventories
  • Max Distance - maximum range of ESP
  • Custom Colors - customizing the colors of visual features

Zombie & Animal ESP (WH against Zombies and Animals)

  • Zombie ESP - displaying zombies
  • Animals ESP - displaying animals
  • Box ESP - showing boxes around animals and zombies (2D, Corners, Filled)
  • Name - ESP where the name of the creature is visible
  • Health - health of the visible creature (Bar, Text)
  • Distance - displaying distance to animals and zombies
  • Snapline - drawing lines to zombies
  • Skeleton - ESP in the form of a "skeleton"
  • Max Distance - maximum range of ESP operation for Zombies/Animals
  • Custom Colors - customizing the colors of wallhack

Aimbot (Legit & Rage)

  • Silent Aimbot - a powerful type of aimbot, shots hit targets, but the sight does not move
  • FOV (Field of Views) - size of the working area for the aimbot
  • Bones (Hitboxes) - selecting body parts that the aimbot will aim at
  • Aimbot Key - the ability to bind your own key to activate aim
  • Auto Cycle - automatic target change after destroying the current one
  • Ignore Zombies - if enabled, the aim will ignore zombies
  • Show Aimbot Radius - show the FOV size as a circle around the aim
  • Show Bone - visually mark the part of the body to which the aimbot is currently magnetized
  • Max Distance - limit the range of the aimbot (in meters)
  • Friend List - the ability to add friends to exceptions for targeting (aiming will not work on them)
  • Bone Preview - the menu has a visual preview of the body parts to which the aim is configured

Loot ESP (WH for Various Items in DayZ)

  • Items - wallhack for lootable items
  • Inventory Items - the ability to see the equipment of the players
  • Clothing - displaying clothing
  • Houses - display of certain houses
  • Compasses - displaying compass locations
  • Maps - displaying maps
  • Optics - showing scopes for weapons
  • Transmitters - transmitter locations
  • Magazines - displaying weapon magazines
  • Weapons - ESP for weapons
  • Other Loot - other item categories
  • Max Distance - maximum range of ESP operation
  • Custom Colors - customizing colors for wallhack
  • Icons - item icons
  • Distance - distance to loot
  • Background - background for displaying items
  • Show All Loot - show all available loot

World ESP (Show Cities and locations)

  • Cars - wallhack for cars
  • Villages - displaying villages and their distances
  • Cities - distances to major cities
  • Castles - showing the locations of castles
  • Military Bases - locations of military bases
  • Airfields - locations of airfields
  • Other Locations - other locations
  • Custom Waypoints - allows you to create your own waypoints and display them
  • Max Distance - maximum display distance
  • Custom Colors - customizing colors for world ESP

Misc (Extra Features of DayZ Authority Cheat)

  • Show Crosshair - displaying a crosshair in the center of the screen
  • Local Position - helps determine your location
  • Debug Camera - free camera mode
  • Always Day - constant daylight
  • Wallhack Preview - show a preview of WH in the menu
  • Custom Keys - configuring keys to activate cheat functions
  • Combat-Mode - disables all functions except "combat"
  • Panic Key - a key for quickly disabling the cheat
  • Custom Binds - configuring and assigning keys
  • CFG System - system for saving custom settings
  • No Clip - No Clip allows you to fly through walls and other obstacles
  • Built-In Spoofer - The cheat is equipped with a built-in spoofer to bypass hardware bans