Buy Cheat Multihack for Dayz SA (Dullwave)

Information about cheat

This private cheat for Dayz is a very strong and reliable development. The software is equipped with many different functions - WH, Aimbot, Loot ESP, NoClip and some others. Each feature can be customized in detail, which makes the software suitable for both rage games and legitimate ones. In addition, the cheat is made very well, even with a large number of visual functions enabled, you should not experience any FPS drops. The product has been performing well for several years, is regularly updated, supplemented with new functionality and adapts to anti-cheat changes. Don't miss out on our best offer!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 [1903, 1909, 2004, 20H1, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2, 22H2]
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

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Aimbot (Legit & Silent)

  • Aimbot - help in aiming at opponents when shooting
  • Vector - vector aimbot moves simulates mouse movements for you
  • Silent - a powerful type of aimbot in which bullets hit targets, but the sight does not move
  • AimKey - the ability to bind your key to activate aim
  • Bone - selection of body parts on which the aimbot will work
  • FOV - the radius in which the aim captures targets
  • Distance - the ability to limit the range of the feature
  • Draw FOV - Shows the current FOV as a circle around the crosshair
  • On Players - aim works for players
  • On Zombies - aiming at zombies
  • On Animals - help in shooting animals
  • Team Check - the ability to add friends to aimbot exclusions
  • Visible Check - check for visibility so as not to shoot at enemies behind walls

Player ESP (WH against Players)

  • Players ESP - wallhack against players
  • Boxes - wallhack in the form of boxes
  • Boxes Style - selection of the visual style of the boxes
  • Filled - adds a darkened transparent background to the boxes
  • Health Bar - a bar showing the amount of HP the players have
  • Inventory - the ability to see the contents of the player's inventory
  • Distance - show distance to targets in meters
  • Skeleton - wh in the form of skeletons on top of player models
  • Nickname - see game nicknames of players
  • Weapon - show which weapon the person is holding
  • Head - separate head hitbox selection using ESP
  • Limit Distance - limit the work of ESP on players

World ESP (Zombies, Animals and objects)

  • Zombie ESP - activate ESP against zombies
  • Animals ESP - enable ESP on animals
  • Corpses - allows you to see corpses and their contents
  • Cars - allows you to see where the cars are
  • Towns - show cities on maps of Chernarus and Livonia
  • Skeleton - skeletons for zombies and animals
  • Boxes - ESP in the form of boxes for zombies and animals
  • Distance - distance to various targets
  • Limit Distance - limit the working distance of World ESP
  • Names - names of objects displayed by World ESP

Loot ESP Categories (Loot WH for DayZ)

  • Consumables - consumer goods
  • Suppressors - silencers for weapons
  • Flashlights - show flashlights
  • Explosives - explosives
  • Medicines - medical supplies
  • Magazines - magazines for guns
  • Car Items - car parts
  • Backpack - backpacks and bags
  • Building - building materials
  • Bayonets - bayonets for weapons
  • Clothes - various clothes
  • Weapons - shows weapons
  • Barrels - modifications for the barrel
  • Optics - sights for weapons
  • Stocks - butts for weapons
  • Items - various items
  • Drink - drinkings
  • Food - foodstuffs
  • Ammo - ammunition

Loot ESP Features (Loot ESP for DayZ)

  • Names - item names
  • Boxes - boxes on loot
  • Box Style - style of boxes for loot
  • Filled Boxes - background on boxes for items
  • Small Font - small text for loot names
  • Custom Colors - setting colors for loot
  • Distance - show the distance for the item
  • Limit Distance - limit the distance of the esp on items
  • Loot ESP Key - turn on / off the esp on the loot key

Misc (Extra Features of Dayz Dullwave)

  • Corpse Teleport - allows you to teleport corpses to yourself
  • Show Position - shows your coordinates
  • Disable Grass - disable the rendering of grass
  • 3rd Person - enable 3rd person view
  • Always Day - enable eternal day or another time of day
  • No Clip - access to free flight through textures
  • Panic Key - a key to completely disable the cheat
  • FOV Changer - expand the field of view
  • Custom Binds for all features - custom binds to activate features
  • Custom Colors for all visuals - custom colors for all ESP features
  • Battle Mode - by pressing a key, disables all wh except players
  • Multilang - Loot ESP text adapts to the language of the game client