Information about cheat

PUBG WALLHACK is a reliable and flexible hack for PUBG with wide functionality. This cheat uses the most innovative and modern anti-cheat bypass method, ensuring a safe and comfortable game. The software uses only the game engine, which allows for a stable game without lags and FPS drawdowns. Our team monitors game updates and updates the product regularly. Taking the top is easier than you think with this cheat.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, Kakao

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List of wallhack features

  • Players ESP - displaying various information about enemy characters on the screen
  • Boxes - classic boxes (squares) If the enemy is behind the wall - red, if not - green
  • Show Bots - signs bots, among the characters that the wallhack shows you
  • Visible - if this function is enabled, then the enemies behind the obstacle and not, will be displayed in different colors
  • Skeleton - drawing skeletons of enemy players behind obstacles and without them
  • Distance - displays on the screen the distance to the player in meters near his model
  • Weapons - shows with what weapon in the hands at the moment enemies
  • Health - allows you to see how much HP (health) the opponents have
  • HealthTest & HealthBar - the mode of displaying the hp of enemies, by a bar or by text
  • Knocked - if this parameter is activated, then cheat will work on knocked opponents
  • Vehicles - drawing transport, you can display the distance to objects and their names.
  • AirDrop - shows an airdrop, you can configure the display of the distance to it and see the items inside
  • DeathItems - loot in drop of killed players. You can customize in detail what to display and what is not needed
  • Render Distance - the ability to adjust the display distance for different categories of ESP