PUBG Wallhack(ESP) - Launch Guide Wh-Satano

This page provides instructions for activating and launching for wh cheat for PUBG.

Instructions for activating the key and starting the cheat for PUBG:

  • 1. After payment you will receive a license key to activate the product.
  • 2. Before starting, you need to make sure that everything is ready for this:
    • Direct X 11 must be selected in the game settings;
      cheat setup
    • Remove Faceit Anti-Cheat and Riot Vanguard(Valorant Anti-Cheat) using software uninstalling;
    • Discord must be running, also in discord settings the in-game overlay must be activated.
      discord setup2
    • Antivirus and Windows Defender must be disabled, as this may block the cheat from loading and starting.
  • 3. Now download the cheat loader from this link .
  • 4. Run the downloaded file. Antivirus must be disabled. Run it as administrator. The first start can last 2-7 minutes.
  • 5. To activate the key click on the "Activation key" button and enter the key received after purchase.
  • 6. Make sure that the game is closed. Select PUBG from the list of available games and click Load.
  • 7. After Game will be opened and discord overlay will be loaded - open loader window and press 'Discord initialized' button. Menu will be opened in game. Cheat menu - Insert key.

Video with the launch and gameplay of this cheat for PUBG:

If you do everything according to the instructions, but the cheat does not start correctly, then check the following:

  • All antiviruses must be disabled, and you must also disable Windows Defender (Real-time Protection).
    Disabling Windows Defender(Click here to open)
  • It is necessary to remove FaceIT and Riot Vanguard anti-cheats (Valorant anti-cheat). Anti-cheats must be removed through the "Software Uninstalling", you cannot just delete the shortcut or folder with the anti-cheat.
  • Our cheat only works with Windows 10 and Windows 11, As a rule, newer versions of OC are in priority. If you have an old build of Windows 10, then you should upgrade to a newer one (21H2 for example).
  • Discord must be running and the in-game overlay must be enabled in the discord settings.
  • It may also be that your PC is unable to connect to our server. In this case, you should try using a VPN when starting the cheat.
  • If you cannot activate your key and you see an error, then you need to contact our technical support for help. Also, do not forget that each key is tied to 1 PC, you cannot use the same key on several different computers.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact our support In Our Discord server
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Enjoy the game, we are waiting for your next purchases and good reviews!