Rage Hack for Escape From Tarkov

Information about cheat

EFT RageHack is a super powerful cheat for Escape From Tarkov. This software has a huge functionality that will allow you to crack down hard with other players. The hack includes: a powerful aimbot with many settings, a wallhack with a lot of parameters for detailed customization displayed information and many other additional functions. A huge number of different features make this cheat ideal for a rage playing and for a legit playing Tarkov. Undetected Rage cheat shows loot on the map and a lot of other useful information. Shoot without recoil and kill everyone in Tarkov with a powerful aimbot!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 (2104 - 22H2), Windows 11(21h2, 22H2)
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: BSG Launcher

Select a tariff using the slider

Aimbot & shooting options

  • Enable No Recoil - if this option is active, then the weapon will have recoil disabled when firing
  • Enable Aimbot - activate aiming at enemies when shooting with a cheat
  • Enable Silent Aimbot - a powerful type of aimbot, bullets hit targets within your FOV, but the crosshair does not move
  • Prioritize Visible Targets - priority on visible targets, the aimbot will first of all hit enemies in line of sight (not behind walls)
  • Target Bone - selection of a bone (hitbox) that the aim will aim at when shooting
  • FOV - target acquisition radius by aim, looks like a circle with the specified radius located around the scope
  • Smooth - smoothness of cheat movements when aiming at a target, the larger the value, the more slowly and smoothly the sight will move
  • Smooth X - smoothness of movements when hovering horizontally (left-right)
  • Smooth Y - smoothness of movements when hovering vertically (up and down)

Wallhack and PlayerESP features

  • Player ESP - visual features against players
  • Boxes - highlighting characters behind the walls using boxes, the most convenient and popular type wh
  • Skeleton - draws skeletons on top of player models, allows you to understand through the walls in what position the enemy is currently in
  • Name ESP - wallhack feature that gives information about players' nicknames
  • Distance - shows the distance in meters to enemies
  • Weapon - allows you to see what weapon is currently in the hands of opponents
  • Bots - visual ESP cheat features also work against bots
  • Scavs - wallhack works against scavs(humans)
  • Skeleton Thickness - the thickness of the lines used to draw character skeletons
  • Snapline - conducts a snapline to targets that have entered the radius of the aimbot (FOV)
  • Corpse - shows the corpses of other players and the loot in them
  • ESP Distance - limiting the distance of rendering esp features in meters
  • Visible Check - creatures in line of sight and behind walls are painted in different colors for convenience
  • Anti-Clutter - intelligently places visual features on the screen, preventing them from overlapping each other

Loot and things on the map(Word)

  • Show Items - show items scattered around the map
  • Show Meds - show medical items
  • Lootable Containers - shows the location of the various containers that can be looted
  • Guns - the location of weapons hidden and scattered across locations
  • Valuables - gives information where different values are located
  • Attachments - shows where weapon attachments are located
  • Clothing - highlights clothes that are on the map
  • Food - allows you to see where different food is located
  • Grenades - show grenades and other thrown weapons
  • Show Corpse - corpses of players and their loot
  • Item Price - also shows the cost of items, in addition to their name and distance to them
  • Chinese Item Names - show item names in Chinese
  • Minimum Item Price - filter items at the minimum price

Misc(Extra Features)

  • Loot Through Walls - allows you to loot through walls
  • Run and Shoot - allows you to shoot on the run (while sprinting)
  • Unlimited Stamina - infinite stamina, various actions (sprint) do not spend stamina
  • Flyhack - flyhack, the ability to move through the air
  • Show FOV Circle - shows the size of the aimbot's working area, looks like a circle around the sight
  • Enable Crosshair - constantly draws a crosshair in the middle of the screen
  • Crosshair Size - the size of the drawn crosshair
  • Font Size - font size used by esp features cheat
  • Detailed Color Customization - detailed color customization for almost all visual features of this software
  • Spoofer