Phoenix Rust Hack

Information about cheat

We have been developing cheats for the game Rust for many years. And now, we are once again returning the legendary original Phoenix Hack for Rust to sale: an inexpensive and affordable private cheat for everyone to buy. This product has several main features: NoRecoil, ESP, Debug Camera, Always Day, Spoofer, InGame Radar and Crosshair. Simple software with a few features perfectly bypasses EAC anti-cheat and is the best solution for your money. A safe and reliable hack is perfect for both legit games with cheats and full server dominating, because everything you need for this is in the software. In addition, Phoenix Spoofer will allow you to continue playing even after getting an HWID ban. Do not miss such a great chance and buy Phoenix for Rust, because this cheat is in the Undetected status for a long time, is regularly updated and works great on all PCs. Previously, this cheat was widely known to the world of cheaters as Rust No Recoil + Debug Camera + ESP + ALways Day. In the latest updates, the Phoenix software has been significantly redesigned, so the name has been simplified.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

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Weapon Recoil Control(NoRecoil)

  • No Recoil - a feature responsible for the complete or partial shutdown of recoil from firearms when firing
  • Bypass Plugins - NoRecoil mode for bypassing plugins on servers that block this feature. Activate this option only if NoRecoil does not work on a certain server!
  • Detailed recoil control settings for weapons
  • Active - the ability to enable / disable the weapon recoil control feature
  • Pitch - The level of initial recoil on the X axis when firing a weapon.
  • Yaw - Y-axis initial recoil level when firing a weapon.
  • Penalty - The level of initial knockback when firing a weapon.
  • No Sway - a feature responsible for completely or partially disabling camera sway when firing a weapon
  • Detailed settings for camera sway when shooting firearms
  • Active - the ability to activate / deactivate the camera sway control
  • Sway - The level of initial sway when firing a weapon.
  • Cone - Initial spread of the camera when firing a weapon.
  • Penalty - The amount of initial camera knockback when firing a weapon.
  • Valid values for all parameters NoRecoil and NoSway : from 0 to 100. Measured as a percentage

Player ESP

  • Player ESP - visual ESP features showing the location of the players, as well as various useful information about them
  • Active - the ability to activate / deactivate the ESP against players.
  • Box - shows the location of players using boxes through walls and other obstacles
  • Box Style - selection of the visual style of the boxes. Border - ordinary flat rectangles, Corner - corners from a flat rectangle, 3D - three-dimensional boxes.
  • Distance - shows the distance to the players in meters
  • Health - shows the number of hitpoints players have using a bar near their box
  • Weapon - a type of ESP that gives information about what weapon the player currently has in his hands
  • Name - shows players' nicknames
  • Range - maximum display area of players in meters. Valid values: from 0 to 1000 meters.
  • Team - displays which team the person is in


  • Npc ESP - wallhack against NPCs.
  • Active - ability to activate/deactivate WH against NPCs
  • Box - the simplest type of WH, shows the position of the NPC behind the walls using boxes
  • Box Style - selection of the visual style of the boxes. Border - ordinary flat rectangles, Corner - corners from a flat boxes ESP, 3D - volumetric boxes.
  • Distance - distance to NPC
  • Health - NPC health level
  • Weapon - The weapon in the hands of the NPC
  • Name - shows the names of the AI characters
  • Range - Maximum range to display NPCs. Value: 0 to 1000. Measured in meters.

Misc(Additional Features)

  • Freecam - free flight camera, sometimes also called Debug Camera
  • Freecam speed - the ability to adjust the flight speed in the debug camera
  • Freecam sensitivity - free camera sensitivity setting
  • Worldtime - a feature that allows you to set Always day or another time of day
  • Worldtime value - you can set any time for the Always Day feature, 12:00 is recommended for constant daylight hours
  • Ingame radar - radar on the in-game map, shows the location of opponents directly on the map inside Rust
  • Ingame radar objects - selection of objects to display on the ingame radar. Players and NPCs are currently available
  • Crosshair - an in-game crosshair that will always be displayed in the place of the crosshair
  • Detailed crosshair settings - detailed settings for the in-game crosshair. You can customize it as much as possible for yourself: color, thickness, gap, transparency, size and much more
  • Admin Check - hack keeps track of whether there are admins on the server. If the software manages to track the admin, then his nickname will be displayed on the screen
  • Off-Screen ESP - shows enemies outside the viewing angle (behind the back)

Additional software features

  • Panic Key - a key that completely disables the cheat, a useful thing that will help you bypass the checks
  • Toggle key - the ability to bind a key to enable / disable wh, anti-recoil and some other features
  • Binds - advanced keybinding system, you can assign your activation buttons to all tools in the software
  • Color customization - detailed color customization for ESP, you can choose different colors for different categories of visual features of the hack
  • Cloud Menu - in phoenix rust hack there is no in-game menu for settings, all settings are made on our website. This is a new level of security.
  • Phone Menu - since the cheat is configured through the site, you can open the cheat menu from your phone and configure it on your smartphone. Convenient and safe!
  • Cloud CFG - your settings are saved on our server, it's convenient to share them with other players, and it's also convenient to upload other people's configs, just enter the code
  • Stream Proof - the cheat is not visible on video recording and on streams if you capture the Rust game window
  • Spoofer - with the phoenix hack for Rust you also get a phoenix spoofer to bypass the HWID ban