Phoenix Rust Macros

Information about cheat

Our private macro for the Rust game is more than just a program with macros for certain mouse models. Phoenix macros are made very high quality, it will be very convenient to use them, because the launch is done through a convenient loader, and the settings are through a beautiful and pleasant menu. Recoil suppression works for all weapons and mice. Moreover, you can fine-tune the recoil and activate it only for the necessary weapons. There is a legit mode in order to play with anti-recoil as painlessly as possible. Also in the software there are additional scripts for upgrade, zoom and crosshair. After the purchase, you get a working spoofer to bypass the HWID-ban. Don't miss out on this unique product. The main thing is that the macro is not a cheat, it is much safer to play with it, the chance of your account being banned is minimal.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, Non-Steam(Pirate), Cloud gaming

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Weapon recoil control

  • Enable - You can enable/disable the macro during the game
  • Weapon - the choice of weapons with which the macro will work
  • Scopes - select scopes for guns(all scopes are supported)
  • Barrel - selection of weapon modules(silencer, Emotv, Muzzle Boost)
  • Control X / Y - adjustment of vertical and horizontal recoil
  • Legit Mode - maximum humanized anti-recoil script operation mode
  • Hipfire Mode - shooting mode from the hip (without using the sight on the right mouse button)
  • Rapid Fire - the possibility of firing in automatic mode from semi-automatic weapons
  • Big Clip - the possibility of using a expanded magazine for ammunition
  • Works with all types of weapons in the game
  • Works with all attachments for guns
  • Auto-detection of weapons in your hands
  • Auto-detection of modules on weapons in your hands
  • Autodetection of sights on weapons
  • Randomization - each time the recoil pattern will be different, this reduces the risk of detection to a minimum. The randomization value can be increased or decreased as desired.
  • Control Table - a unique feature to customize the control of the first few bullets for each weapon
  • Fast-taps - the ability to shoot without recoil, not only with a clip

Additional script features

  • Auto Upgrade - automatic upgrade of buildings using the necessary resource
  • Anti Afk - this feature allows you to avoid a kick for afk
  • Zoom Hack - zoom even without optics
  • Crosshair - using a macro, you can set a convenient sight that will always be in the middle of the screen. The visual style of this sight can be customized in detail.
  • Spoofer - after purchase, we provide a spoofer to bypass the hwid ban

Additional Information

  • Sound - activation/deactivation of features indicated by sound signals
  • Config - a convenient system of config files. You can save your CFG and also share it
  • Hide Mode - allows you to hide the menu and make it invisible
  • Binds - convenient key binding to activate features
  • Customization - you can change the appearance of menu items to make it more pleasant to your eyes
  • It works both in Steam and in the No-Steam version of the game
  • The program automatically reads your game settings (sens, fov, etc.)
  • The software is not a cheat, which makes its use as safe as possible for your account.
  • Software with macros will be updated regularly, probably also expanding the list of features
  • Auto-detection of weapons in your hands
  • Cloud CFG - save your settings in the cloud on our server, download configs from the cloud, no need to store any files on your PC
  • Overlay - the ability to apply a script overlay over the game, the overlay shows the weapon in your hands, fps, and sometimes some other useful information
  • Recoil Smoothing System - recoil control method selection (New Method, Old Method)
  • Fast Choose - quick selection of weapons for a macro by pressing a hot key
  • Window mode - allows you to hide the software window from the taskbar

List of supported weapons

  • AK47
  • LR300
  • MP5A4
  • Thompson
  • Custom SMG
  • M39
  • SAR
  • M249
  • Revolver
  • P250
  • Python
  • M92
  • EOKA

List of supported weapon modules

  • Macro supports all sights in the game
  • Holosight
  • Simple Handmade Sight
  • 8x Zoom Scope
  • 16x Zoom Scope
  • The script supports all barrel modifications for firearms
  • Silencer
  • Muzzle Boost
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Extended Magazine

Least ban chance

  • Rust is one of those games where anti-cheat works very well and people playing with cheats get banned regularly. But the macro is not a cheat and is not introduced into the game in any way, so the chance of getting a ban when playing with scripts is very small. Recoil control scripts work using clever methods, so each of your spray patterns will be unique. Although macros do not provide such a huge advantage as cheats, your account will most likely not be banned when using our scripts.