Advanced Cheat for Dayz

Information about cheat

Since our main affordable products for Dayz have been performing poorly lately, we have decided to introduce a new software for this game. Introducing Advanced Cheat for Dayz Standalone. This hack includes all the necessary features: player ESP, loot ESP, aimbot (silent and regular), plenty of misc options, and many other features. Although the cheat is built using external technology, it works flawlessly and does not impact your FPS in the game. The key features of the Advanced software are the built-in spoofer for bypassing HWID bans in Dayz and StreamProof. Therefore, while this hack may be noticeably more expensive than the others, considering the inclusion of the spoofer, the price difference is not significant. Furthermore, the spoofer works perfectly and seamlessly, without causing any system crashes. Try out our top-notch product and see for yourself that it's worth every penny!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 (All versions), Windows 11(up to 22621.819)
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

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Player ESP(Wallhack)

  • Player ESP – displaying visual information about the opponent
  • Bounding Box - displaying a rectangle around enemies
  • Cornered Box - displaying a rectangle with rounded corners around the player
  • Skeletons - ESP that displays the "skeleton" of the enemy
  • Filled Box - wallhack that shows a filled rectangle around objects
  • Distance - displays the distance to the enemy
  • Animals ESP -enables ESP for animals
  • Custom Colors - allows customization of colors for visual functions
  • Items in Hands - shows what other players are holding
  • Head Hitbox - draws a hitbox around the head
  • Limit Dist - limits the distance for displaying objects
  • Admin - Ability to see a list of admins

Loot ESP(Items)

  • Weapon - displays weapons
  • Ammo - displays nearby ammunition
  • Magazines - displays nearby magazines
  • Tools - shows tools.
  • Building - displays structures/buildings
  • Crafting - ESP for crafting items
  • Food - helps find food
  • Optic - wallhack that displays optics
  • Medical - shows the location of medical items
  • Stashes - displays the location of stashes
  • Wheels - ESP that helps find wheels
  • All items - - shows other miscellaneous items
  • Loot Filter - filters the displayed loot
  • Limit Dist - sets the maximum distance for displaying loot
  • Custom Colors - allows customization of colors for displayed loot
  • Language - interface language selection
  • Clothing - shows clothing.

Aimbot(Legit & Rage)

  • Aimbot - automatically aims at targets
  • Vector Aimbot - highly precise aimbot
  • Smooth - adjusts the aiming speed
  • Bone - selects the body part to aim at
  • Max Distance - sets the maximum aiming distance
  • Snap Lines - draws lines to the enemy
  • FOV - sets the aiming field of view
  • FOV Shape - selects the shape of the fov
  • Silent Aimbot - hits enemies without visibly aiming
  • Targeting - selects the targets for aimbot
  • Hitscan - determines the point of impact based on player model scanning
  • Draw FOV - показывать область работы aim

Misc(Other Features)

  • Adjust Day Time - adjusts the in-game time
  • Time Value - selects a specific constant time value
  • Sun Brightness - adjusts the brightness of the sun
  • No Grass - disables grass rendering
  • Third Person - enables third-person view
  • Loot Through Walls - allows seeing and looting through walls
  • Teleport Items - teleports items to a chosen location
  • Teleport Loot - teleports loot to a chosen location
  • No Clip - allows passing through obstacles
  • Automatic Admin Detection - automatically detects administrators
  • Crosshair - displays a crosshair in the center of the screen
  • Custom Binds - configures keys for quick function activation
  • CFG System - system for saving and loading settings
  • Spoofer - hwid spoofer to bypass hardware bans
  • Combat-Mode - disable all functions except combat