Wh-Satano Multihack for Rust

Information about cheat

This cheat is something unusual in our assortment. This time we decided to go beyond legit software and release an unusual multifunctional Rage cheat for Rust. The hack includes Silent Aimbot, WH with a lot of settings and a huge number of exploits for complete fun when playing with a cheat. When buying this product, you can get our spoofer for free, so you will not get an HWID ban. Despite all its "rage" cheat, it is done quite well and the risk of a ban is minimal. We can talk about this cheat for a long time, so it will be easier for you to watch the video or read the full list of features below. And it will be even easier to buy this software and go to test all the features in the game!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel, AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

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Aimbot for Rust (Rage)

  • Aimbot - function for aiming at the enemy
  • Vector - vector aim of increased accuracy
  • Silent - silent aim mode
  • Aimkey - key selection for aiming
  • Bone (Hitbox) - selection of a body part for aiming
  • Random Bone - randomization of body parts for hits
  • FOV - setting the radius of the aim
  • Draw FOV - show area of aim work
  • Draw Aim Line - show line to aim target
  • Prediction - help to predict the trajectory of the enemy
  • Auto Fire - enable automatic firing mode
  • Aim At NPC - aim works on NPCs too
  • Distance - show distance to opponents
  • Smooth - the speed of finishing the sight to the enemy
  • Recoil Control System (RCS)

Player ESP (Wallhack for Rust)

  • Player ESP - ESP on players
  • Box ESP - shows boxes around opponents
  • Box Type - type of selected boxes (2D, Filled)
  • Sleepers - show sleeping players
  • Team Check - show party players
  • NPC - enable esp on NPC
  • Visible Check - indicates whether the player is behind obstacles
  • Custom Distance - ESP work distance setting
  • Custom Colors - esp color settings

Loot ESP (Items WH for Rust)

  • Barrels - show loot barrels
  • Crates - esp on boxes with loot
  • Ores - esp shows ore around you
  • Hemp - displays hemp near you
  • Backpack - helps to find players' backpacks
  • Corpse - enable display of corpses
  • Dropped Weapons - shows thrown weapons
  • Custom Distance - object display distance setting
  • Custom Colors - esp color settings

Other ESP (Extra WH Features)

  • Events - show event items
  • Waypoints - точки между оборотами NPC
  • Explosions - shows explosives
  • Cupboard - remote cabinet management
  • Rich Bases - show bases with a lot of loot
  • Sleeping Bags - show sleeping bags
  • Minicopters - helps you find the copter
  • Boats - helps you find boats
  • Chests - shows the location of the chests
  • Traps - esp on traps
  • Animals - show animals around
  • Custom Distance - esp work distance setting
  • Custom Colors - setting the colors of displayed objects

Movement Exploits (Misc)

  • Fake Lag - includes fake lags
  • No Fall Damage - disables fall damage
  • Silent Walk - silent walking mode
  • High Jump - increased jump height
  • Infinite Jump - endless jumps
  • Spiderman - allows you to climb walls
  • Freecam(Debug Camera) - camera free flight mode

Weapon Exploits (Misc)

  • Instant EOKA - instant shot from EOKA
  • Instant Compound - instant pulling compound bow
  • Aim Reload Snipers - reloading a sniper rifle without leaving the zoom
  • Auto Semi-Auto - shooting mode selection
  • ByPass Item Wield - you can shoot while driving
  • Long Melee - increase melee attack range
  • Fast Melee - Increases melee attack speed
  • Recoil Control System - helps to control the recoil of the weapon

Main Exploits (Common Exploits)

  • Show Exploits - enable exploits
  • Draw FlyHack - flight mode
  • Fake Admin - fake admin mode
  • Bright Night - light night mode
  • Clear Water - полностью прозрачная вода
  • Fast Inventory - instant movement of items in the inventory
  • Fast Revive - helps to quickly raise the knocked down
  • Fast Syringe - rapid application of the syringe
  • Eyes Manipulation - helps to fire from behind cover

Extra Features

  • Safe Mode - safe mode
  • Watermark - disable watermark cheat
  • Crosshair - shows the crosshair in the center of the screen
  • StreamProof - the cheat is not visible on the stream
  • Spoofer - helps bypass HWID ban
  • Full External - cheat switches to External mode