Wh-Satano Rust Hack Guide. What to do if Rust Cheat doesn't work?


On this page, you will find a guide for this cheat for Rust.

How to download and launch a cheat for Rust?

  1. After successful payment, you will receive a key to activate your cheat subscription.
  2. Prior to downloading the loader, it is recommended to disable Windows Defender (real-time protection) completely.
  3. Next, download the cheat files using this link.
  4. Insert your key in the "Insert your license key" field and activate it by pressing "Enter".
  5. Select "Rust" and click on "Load Software".
  6. A black console window will appear; press any key within it to continue launching the cheat.
  7. Wait for the loading process to complete. If you see the message "Waiting for Rust Client.exe", it's time to launch Rust.
  8. Once the game starts, restore the cheat launch window and press any key to continue.
  9. In the game, a menu will appear to control the cheat functions. Press the Insert key to open/close the cheat menu. Enjoy your game!
If you need an HWID-Spoofer, please contact us through the online chat widget at wh-satano.ru/en to obtain it. If you are using the cheat in combination with our spoofer or another spoofer, launch the spoofer after starting the cheat loader.

Video demonstrating the launch and usage of the cheat for Rust by Wh-Satano:

What to do if you encounter issues with launching the cheat for Rust?

  • The most common issue is having antivirus or Windows Defender enabled. Disable your antivirus completely and turn off real-time protection in Windows Defender.
  • Also, to ensure the cheat works properly, you need to remove Riot Vanguard (Valorant's anti-cheat) and Faceit AntiCheat. Uninstall these anti-cheats through "Add or Remove Programs".
  • Make sure you have the appropriate version of Windows installed. This cheat only works on Windows 10.

Tips for using cheat features to reduce the chance of getting banned:

  • Do not put 0 smooth and head only using Aimbot on a fresh account, too high of a KD and weird movements could get you a 3-7 days ban.
  • With Eyes Manipulation, do not shoot at crazy angles, do not shoot a player that is in a box where you wouldn’t be able to hit him from any angle normally, this is not a shoot thru wall feature, you're just fake peeking.
  • With Spiderman, make sure to reset your 'grounded' so you don't get flyhack kicked, to do that, hold space when running into the wall to phase in it. You should do that every 2 jumps. High Jump also works great with spiderman.
  • Do not type 'noclip' in console & don't use Fake Admin on Community/Modded servers.
  • Looting buried stashes on community/modded servers can get you banned pretty quickly, they log a lot of information about them and sometimes make fake stashes.

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