Cheat Domination for DayZ (unique Interactive Map)

Information about cheat

Welcome to our store! You have reached the Domination cheat page for the game Dayz. This product is a very convenient and high-quality solution. The main feature of this software is a unique function that allows you to open an interactive map, like in PUBG or other more casual games. The map shows all useful locations and the location of your character, as well as the direction of movement. Very comfortably! In addition, in Domination you will also find a very convenient Loot ESP with a large number of filters and settings for displaying loot. The rest of the product will not make you disappointed either: support for Windows 10 and 11, built-in spoofer, aimbot, ESP and various exploits. A decent and effective cheat for a reasonable fee, you won’t regret it!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

Select a tariff using the slider

Aimbot (Legit & Rage)

  • Enable - enable/disable aimbot
  • Silent Aimbot - a powerful type of aimbot, bullets hit targets, but the sight does not twitch
  • Aim Key - select a key, holding which the aimbot will be activated
  • Aim Bone - part of the body that the aimbot will aim at (hitbox)
  • Rage Mode - in this mode the aimbot works more efficiently, but noticeably
  • Legit Mode - in this mode the aim is weaker, but less noticeable to other players
  • FOV - the size of the area in which the aimbot will select targets to hit
  • Draw FOV - show the aimbot's working area as a circle around the sight
  • Max Distance - the maximum distance at which the aim will select targets
  • Draw Target Line - draw a snapline to the current target of the aimbot
  • Add Teammate - allows you to add friends to the aimbot exclusion list

Player ESP (Wallhack)

  • Box ESP - ESP in the form of boxes
  • Name ESP - player nicknames
  • Distance - distance to players (in meters)
  • Weapon - a weapon (item) in the player’s hands
  • Admin Check - show if the player has admin rights
  • Inventory - show the contents of players' inventories
  • Bind Inventory - a key that, when pressed, will show the player's inventory
  • Corpses - show corpses of dead players
  • ESP Preview - in the menu there is a preview of what ESP will look like in the game
  • Box Style - select the type of boxes for the ESP
  • Skeleton ESP - ESP in the form of skeletons

Other ESP (Zombie, Animal, Car)

  • Zombie ESP - wh against zombies
  • Animal ESP - ESP showing animals
  • Car ESP - wh showing cars
  • Car Inventory - show loot inside vehicles
  • Box ESP - wallhack in the form of a box
  • Distance - distance to target (in meters)
  • Name - names of Zombies / Cars / Animals
  • Max Distance - separate display distance settings for Zombies, Cars and Animals
  • Box Style - select the type of boxes for the ESP
  • Skeleton ESP - ESP in the form of skeletons

Loot ESP (General)

  • Loot ESP - wh showing objects
  • Quality Circle - a circle near the item name, the color corresponds to the quality
  • Item Name - names of items
  • Distance - distance to loot
  • Loot ESP Key - key to turn on/off Loot ESP
  • Custom Colors - allows you to set colors to your taste for Loot ESP
  • Loot Categories - enable/disable item categories for display
  • Loot Filter - custom loot filters with fine tuning

Item Categories (for Loot ESP)

  • Backpacks, Clothes, Gas Clothes
  • Buildings, Containers, Tools, Camping
  • Camping, Consumables, Cultivation
  • Food, Medical, Traps
  • Car Parts Engine, Car Parts Body
  • Weapons, Magazines, Ammunition
  • Kits, Explosives, Melee
  • Military Bases
  • Other Items

Misc (Exploits)

  • Time Changer - allows you to change the time of day (visually)
  • Time - select the current time value for the time of day
  • No Grass - disable drawing grass in the game
  • Map - interactive map, shows the map, locations and your location
  • Bind Map - a key that, when pressed, will open a map
  • No Clip - the ability to fly freely over obstacles
  • CFG System - allows you to save/load cheat settings
  • Built-In Spoofer - built-in spoofer to bypass HWID blocking
  • Player List - shows the list of players on the server in the menu