Private Hack (Mod Menu) for RDR Online

Information about cheat

We present to your attention our cheat for RDR Online. This software is a mod menu that includes many functions. Using the cheat, you can move faster and get any items you need. The software works correctly with all game clients: Steam, Epic Games and Rockstar Launcher. Using the menu mod, you can spawn any objects, make yourself immortal, fly through textures and teleport. And this is not the entire list of possibilities! Below on this page a complete list of features of the cheat will be posted. We hope you are interested in this product!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, Epic Games, Rockstar

Select a tariff using the slider

Local Player (Features that work for you)

  • Invincible (Immortality)
  • Ultra Run (Fast run)
  • Super Jump (High Jump)
  • No Clip (Fly through textures)
  • Invisible (Makes you invisible)
  • Infinite Stamina (Infinite Sprint)
  • Infinite DeadEye
  • Disable Wanter Status
  • Disable Ragdoll
  • Disable Lasso Effect (You can't be caught in a lasso)
  • Cores Helper (Replenish everything, Always replenish everything, Restore health, Restore stamina, Restore DeadEye)
  • Ped Scale (Changing the Size of Your Model)

Online Players (Features that work for others)

  • Display All Players (Display All Players using ESP)
  • Draw Distance (Limit ESP Range)
  • Specate Player
  • Teleport To Player
  • Teleport To Me (Only if he is on vehicle, except of horse)
  • Griefing Options (Explode, Burn, Clone)
  • Set Invincible Horse (Make a horse immortal)
  • Refill Horse Stamina
  • Refill and Overpower horse cores (Replenish all horse cores)
  • Show Profile
  • Send Friend Request

Teleport (Teleportation to specific locations)

  • Teleport To Marker (Teleport to a mark on the map)
  • Teleport To Last Horse (Teleport to your last horse)
  • Popular Locations (Teleportation to popular locations)
  • Popular Locations (Ability to Teleport to popular places)
  • Cities and Helpful Locations (Teleport to cities and other helpful places)

Weapon Features (Weapon Related Exploits)

  • Infinite Ammo Clip (Endless ammo)
  • Enable Aimbot (Only Players, FOV, Smooth)
  • One Hit Kill
  • Entity Information Gun (Show information about an object you look at)
  • Fire Maker (Fire Bullets)
  • Bullet type (1-3)
  • Modify bullets
  • Freeze gun (Freezing sight)

Local Horse Options (Features for your horse)

  • Invincible horse (Immortal horse)
  • Infinite stamina (Infinite stamina for a horse)
  • Speedboost horse (Increase the speed of the horse)
  • Invisible horse (Makes your horse invisible)

Spawn Features

  • Vehicles (Spawn various vehicles)
  • Ped (NPCs)
  • Legendary Animals (Risk feature, do not abuse)
  • Objects (Spawn objects)
  • Horses (Spawn Horses)

World (Features affecting the world)

  • Weather Changer (Allows you to change the weather)
  • Weather delay (Delay between weather changes)
  • Select hour (Select a specific hour)
  • Freeze time (Freeze time, stop the clock)
  • Set Time (Set the desired time)
  • Speed boost train (Increase train speed)

Recovery Features (Items, Loot)

  • [SP] Cash amount (Add Cash in Single Player mode)
  • [Online] Spawn coins collection (Spawn coin collection, online)
  • [Online] Spawn Suit Of Cups Tarot (Spawn tarot cards, online)
  • [Online] Spawn Lost Necklace (Necklaces spawn in multiplayer)
  • [Online] Spawn Lost Ring (Spawn of lost rings in multiplayer)
  • [Online] Spawn Old Alcohol (Spawn old alcohol in a network game)
  • [Online & Risk] Gold bar + Money (Gold bars, no more than 10 bars per day to avoid a ban)

Protection (Immunity)

  • Block crash entities
  • Block clear ped tasks (Freeze protection)
  • Block fire and explosion (Protection against explosions and fires)
  • Block ptfx (Protection against game events)