Guide to using private software for RDR Online

Red Dead Online

This page contains instructions for the mod menu for RDR Online.

How to download and run a cheat mod for RDR2 Online?

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. After successful payment of the order, you will receive a key to activate access to cheats.
  2. Download the software loader from from this link .
  3. Create a folder on your desktop and place the downloaded file there.
  4. Run the loader as administrator.
  5. Enter the key and click the "Activate Key" button (Already Have Key on subsequent starts).
  6. Start the game and log into the server.
  7. In "Available products" select "Red Dead Online" and click "Launch".
  8. After a short loading, the loader will close. The Cheat menu opens/closes with the Insert key.

After you have finished playing with the cheat, it is recommended to restart your PC, as the cheat may interfere with other applications.

The feature of spawning legendary animals is at risk of being banned! Be careful and don't abuse it!

Video demonstrating the launch and gameplay:

What to do if the software for RDR2 does not start?

Basic ways to solve startup problems:

  • Disable / Remove all antiviruses on your PC;
  • Turn off Windows Defender completely
  • Disable SmartScreen
  • In addition, you need to remove the anti-cheats Faceit (Faceit AC) and Riot Vanguard (anti-cheat of the game Valorant). Remove them using "Software Uninstalling". Just deleting shortcuts and folders will not help.

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