Unicore Hack for Genshin Impact

Information about cheat

On this page of our site, you can purchase access to a private cheat for genshin. This cheat was made in collaboration with our partners and is the best software for Genshin Impact. A huge number of working features, regular updates and a low chance of a ban: you will find all this in the Unicore cheat for Genshin. We are so confident in the performance and stability of this cheat that we even added a tariff for purchasing the hack for 90 days, although we rarely provide the opportunity to purchase more than 30 days. You can talk for a very long time, so rather try this cheat in the game.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Genshin Impact, Epic Games

Select a tariff using the slider

Visuals (ESP & Wallhack)

  • Enemies - turns on ESP on enemies
  • Animals - choice of displayed animals
  • Chest - shows chests
  • Boxes - ESP in the form of boxes
  • Special Items - other categories of items for esp
  • Names - display the name of items and enemies
  • Distance - show distance to objects
  • Max Distance - maximum working distance esp
  • Show Offscreen - show objects outside the field of view
  • Map Hack - shows the selected object on the map
  • No Fog - disable fog

Gameplay (Combat & Game Features)

  • Freeze Monsters - freeze opponents
  • Monsters won't attack - Enemies will not be able to attack you
  • Infinite Stamina - stamina is not consumed
  • AOE Damage - enable area damage
  • Kill Aura - aura that deals damage to enemies
  • God Mod - invincibility mode
  • Infinite Ult - ultimate becomes infinite
  • CD Reducer - cooldown reduction
  • NoClip - allows you to pass through objects
  • FlyHack - flight mode without restrictions
  • Teleportation
  • Teleport to Entities
  • Quest Teleport
  • Map Teleport (Alt + Click on a point on the map)

Loot (Items)

  • Auto Loot - automatic looting
  • Magnetizer - draws loot to the player
  • Objects Logger - registration of selected objects
  • Item Adder - allows you to add the desired item to ESP
  • Auto Seelies - "seelies " themselves fly to the right place

Other (Misc)

  • FPS Unlocker - helps to increase the maximum FPS
  • Custom Time - select the desired time of day
  • Camera Zoom - camera zoom in/out
  • Skip Dialogues - automatic skip dialogs
  • Skinchanger - choice of skins
  • Binds - keys for quick activation of functions
  • Localization - cheat supports 2 languages: English and Russian