Multihack for XDefiant (ESP + Aimbot)

Information about cheat

We present to you our first product for the XDefiant game. This multihack is made with high quality and will be easy to use for everyone. A powerful cheat includes all the necessary types of hacking: Aimbot, ESP and NoRecoil. The software is perfectly optimized and will not cause a decrease in FPS or other problems in the game. The aimbot has enough settings to be used for both Legit and Rage settings. We hope that you will not pass by this wonderful product.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 [1903, 1909, 2004, 20H1, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2, 22H2], Windows 11 [21H2, 22H2, 23H2]
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Ubisoft Connect PC (Uplay)

Select a tariff using the slider

Aimbot for XDefiant

  • Enabled - allows you to enable/disable the aimbot
  • Bind (Aim Key) - select a key to activate the aimbot
  • Aim Bone - selecting body parts (hitboxes) for the aimbot
  • FOV - aim radius
  • Draw FOV - show aiming radius as a circle
  • FOV Color - color of the circle indicating the aim radius
  • Draw Snapline (Aim Line) - draw a line to the current target of the aimbot
  • Aim At Invisibles (Visible Check) - if activated, the aim will work against targets outside line of sight
  • Smooth - smooth operation of the aimbot, higher value - weaker aimbot
  • Distance - aiming distance

ESP (WH for XDefiant)

  • Player ESP - input showing players and various information about them
  • Box ESP - wh in the form of boxes
  • Box Style (2D Boxes, Corner) - visual style of boxes
  • Health Bar - show enemies' HP as a bar
  • Nickname - game names of players
  • Distance - distance in meters to targets
  • Skeleton - wallhack in the form of skeletons
  • Snapline - wallhack in the form of lines