Private Software for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (WH / ESP)

Information about cheat

This page presents our private cheat for the game The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This product is made of very high quality, the chance of a ban is as low as possible, and all functionality works smoothly and without errors. The types of hacking that are available in the program do not create an imbalance and do not kill interest in the game. Our honor will give you all the necessary information about objects on the map and other players, but you will have to kill them or, conversely, escape from maniacs yourself. We hope that you will like our ESP / WH product. Good luck leveling up and surviving in the game!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, XBox GamesPass PC (Microsoft Store)

Select a tariff using the slider

Player ESP (WH)

  • Show Players - enable wh showing players
  • Draw BOX - wh in the form of boxes
  • Box Style (Corner, Full) - box style, only corners or full 2D boxes
  • Distance - distance in meters to targets
  • Max Distance - adjusting the ESP operating distance
  • Snaplines - wallhack in the form of lines
  • Snaplines Style (Bottom, Top, Crosshair) - from which part of the screen the line will begin
  • Skeleton ESP - wallhack in the form of a skeleton
  • Names - show player nicknames

Items ESP (Loot)

  • Show Items - enable ESP showing items
  • Tool Box - boxes with tools
  • Blood Bucket - buckets of blood
  • Larger Health - big healers
  • Small Health - small healers
  • Grandpa - showing screaming old people
  • Max Distance - wallhack range for objects
  • Custom Colors - the ability to customize colors for Items ESP

Misc (Other Features)

  • Crosshair (Thickness, Size, Color) - static crosshair in the middle of the screen and its settings
  • Font Settings (Players, Items, Size) - font settings for ESP
  • CFG System (Save Config, Load Config) - config system for saving cheat settings
  • Menu Key - bind the key to call the menu