Multihack SQUAD

Information about cheat

Multihack for Squad is a new product in our store. There are not many software for this game, so to find another hack for the same money -just impossible. The program includes many features: aimbot, wallhack(esp), no recoil, speedhack, radar and some others. Majority of features can be fine-tuned for more comfortable use. The cheat is configured through a convenient menu inside the game.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

Select a tariff using the slider


  • Bone - selection of a part of the body for aiming with an aimbot
  • FOV - setting the radius of the aim
  • Smooth - adjusting the smoothness of the aimbot's movements
  • Preidction - predicting the movements of opponents
  • Z Correction - aimbot correction taking into account height and ballistics
  • Draw FOV - draw the radius of the aim using a circle around the sight
  • Draw Priority - show the point to which the aimbot will move if you open fire from the current position of the sight


  • 2D BOX - highlighting enemy characters using boxes
  • Health Bar - display information about the amount of health of opponents
  • Names - shows game nicknames of other players
  • Eye Direction - direction of view of enemy players
  • Snaplines - lines from your model to enemy models
  • Distance - shows the distance in meters to the target
  • Local info(K/D) - Shows information about your stats while playing
  • Vehicle - vehicle display
  • Tanks - shows tanks
  • IFV / APC - shows other armored vehicles (armored personnel carriers, etc.)


  • No Recoil - disables weapon recoil when firing
  • No Sway - disables weapon shaking when firing
  • No Suppression Effects
  • Speedhack - speed up movement
  • Speedhack Value - setting the speed of movement when the speedhack is enabled
  • Radar - a radar over the game. Adjusts the size of the radar and displays the distance to the targets on it
  • Colors - Color customization for various visual features
  • Keys - keybinding for activating certain cheat functions