ESP Hack for Gray Zone Warfare (GZW)

Information about cheat

We present to your attention another product for the game Gray Zone Warfare. This time we decided to release the ESP cheat without anything extra, so that you don’t overpay for extra functions if you don’t need them. During the development process, we focused on ESP features: the cheat has detailed settings for colors and other ESP parameters. The absence of risky types of hacking will allow the software to remain in Undetected status longer and reduce the risk of getting a ban. In addition, this product is the most affordable, which will be pleasant for many users. We hope that our offer will interest you.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

Select a tariff using the slider

Players ESP for Gray Zone Warfare (GZW)

  • Enabled - Enable/Disable ESP
  • Players ESP - wh against players
  • Bots ESP (Ai) - wh against bots
  • Visible Check - players behind the wall and in line of sight will be colored differently
  • Corpse - corpses of players and bots
  • In Vehicle - show players in vehicles
  • Boxes (Corner, 2D Boxes, Filled) - wh in the form of boxes
  • Skeleton - wh in the form of skeletons
  • Distance - distance to targets
  • Snaplines - wh in the form of lines
  • Max Distance - limit the operating distance of the ESP
  • Custom Colors - setting colors for ESP
  • Enemy Only (If this option is activated, the ESP will not show allies)
  • Team Name (Show player faction names)

Loot ESP for Gray Zone Warfare (Items)

  • Loot Boxes - show the location of the boxes with loot
  • Loot Boxes Condition - state of the boxes (closed or open)
  • Dropped Items - showing items lying on the ground
  • Item Type - item type (weapon, ammo, etc.)
  • Item Name - names of items
  • Loot List - show a list of nearby loot as a list in the corner of the screen
  • Weapons - ESP loot shows where weapons are located
  • Attachments - show weapon modules
  • Ammo - ammunition location
  • Provision - items related to food/drinks
  • Armor - various armor and other clothing
  • Containers - objects that contain other objects
  • Medicine - items related to medicine and treatment
  • Grenades - show grenades
  • Max Distance - set the maximum range for Loot ESP
  • Custom Colors - customize colors for items to your taste

Radar for Gray Zone Warfare (GZW)

  • Radar - a radar appears on the screen showing various information
  • Scale - radar scale
  • Size Point - size of points on the radar
  • Players - show players on the radar
  • Dropped Items - show loot on the radar
  • Loot Boxes - show loot boxes on the radar
  • Colors - the ability to customize colors for the radar

Misc (Other Features)

  • Language (English, Russian) - ability to switch languages in the cheat menu
  • Hotkeys (Players, Items, Loot) - key binding for activating ESP sections