Cheat Stugware for Escape From Tarkov

Information about cheat

New in our store: private Stugware software for Tarkov. Powerful and highly protected product. All the necessary powerful types of hacking: beautiful visuals, many exploits, silent aimbot. Protection against bans in this cheat is much higher, which is what the anti-cheat in this game requires. Therefore, by using this hack, you will have some margin of safety for future security updates in the game. We hope you are interested in this unusual software for Tarkov! We recommend it to experienced users. Good luck.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Battlestate Games Launcher (BSG)

Select a tariff using the slider

Aimbot (Aim)

  • Enabled - ability to enable/disable aimbot
  • Aim Key - select a key to activate the aimbot (hold)
  • Aim Lock - in this mode, the aim is fixed on the target until it is destroyed or until the fire stops
  • Silent Aimbot - powerful aimbot mode, shots hit targets, but the sight does not move
  • Aimspot (Bone) - body parts at which the aimbot will shoot
  • FOV - size of the aimbot's working area
  • Draw FOV - displays the size of the working area for the aimbot (aim circle)
  • Distance - limit the range of the aimbot
  • Flags (Targets) - possible targets of the aimbot (Ai, Player, SCAV)
  • Visible Check - check for target visibility

Wallhack (Player ESP)

  • Players ESP - wh showing players and bots
  • Chams - wh in the form of chams, complete painting of character models with some kind of texture
  • Chams Type (Galaxy, Hologram, Rainbow) - 3 types of chams, different textures
  • Box ESP - wallhack in the form of boxes
  • Box Type (2D, 3D, Corner) - selection of box style, 3 types available
  • Name ESP - player nicknames
  • Player Type - player type (Player, SCAV, Bot, Boss, Follower)
  • Price - the cost of the character's inventory
  • Health - amount of HP
  • Weapon - weapon in hand
  • Hitboxes - highlight each hitbox separately
  • Distance - show distance to targets
  • Max Distance - limit the operating range of ESP
  • Custom Colors - select your own colors for ESP functions

Loot & World ESP (Items, Other)

  • Draw Items - show loot (using text)
  • Containers - show containers with loot
  • Filter - various filters for items
  • Min Item Price - filter items by minimum price
  • Min Container Price - filter containers by the minimum price
  • Search by name - the ability to add any item to Loot ESP by name
  • Distance - show distance to loot
  • Max Distance - limit the operating range of Items WH
  • Custom Colors - the ability to set your own colors for loot and filters
  • Mines - show mines
  • Exfils (exits) - exits from a location
  • Ammo Indicator - indicator of the number of cartridges in your magazine

Misc (Other Features, Exploits)

  • No Fall Damage - disable fall damage
  • No Visor - disable the helmet visor effect
  • No Weight - the ability to carry as much weight as you like
  • Free Look - look around without turning your body
  • High Jump - allows you to jump high
  • Extra Lean - lengthens arms
  • Night Vision - night vision mode without equipment
  • Thermal Vision - thermal vision mode without equipment
  • No Inertia - disables inertia when moving, fast turns and stops
  • Loot Through Walls - the ability to loot containers behind a wall
  • No Physical Condition - the weapon does not cling to obstacles
  • Infinite Stamina - infinite sprint

More Misc (More exploits)

  • Lab Switches - switches levers in the laboratory
  • Instant Search - instant search of containers
  • Instant Examine - instant learning of items
  • Instant Duck
  • Run N Gun - allows you to shoot while running without debuffs
  • No Sway - disables weapon/camera swaying when shooting
  • Fast Mag - quick manipulations with the magazine
  • No Recoil - disables weapon recoil when firing
  • No Turnaway
  • Fast Reload - fast weapon reload
  • Instant Aim (ADS) - the sight opens without animation