Advanced Hack for EFT

Information about cheat

Advanced Hack for EFT is our best product for this game. The software includes many features, is perfectly optimized and is 100% worth the money. For a fair price, you get a flexible aimbot that is suitable for both rage and legit raids with aim, a wallhack with a huge number of settings, as well as a bunch of different bowls. In addition, the cheat is equipped with a built-in spoofer, which does an excellent job of bypassing HWID bans in Tarkov. Spoofer works very simply and does everything automatically when a hack is injected. Flexible Loot ESP will let you get the most out of your RMT, while StreamProof and OBSBypass will open up possibilities for video recording and streaming. Summing up, it is worth saying that the cheat also works on a wide range of versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11, so the product is suitable for absolutely everyone.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 (All versions), Windows 11(up to 22621.819)
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Battlestate Games Launcher

Select a tariff using the slider

Player ESP(Wallhack)

  • Player ESP - various wh features against players
  • Bounding Box - squaring the enemy
  • Cornered Box - corners on the edges of the enemy's box
  • Skeletons - displaying enemy skeletons
  • Head Hit Box - box at the enemy's head
  • Distance - show the distance to the enemy
  • Player Type - enemy type (player, bot, scav)
  • Player Name - show PMC and Scav nicknames
  • Health - function shows HP
  • Filled Box - painted box on the enemy
  • Custom Colors - setting the colors of the displayed functions

Loot ESP(Items)

  • Items ESP - wh on pick-up items
  • Quest Item Only - show quest items
  • Quest Item Trader
  • Item Group - groups/categories of items
  • Containers - display of containers with loot
  • Item Max Distance - distance at which ESP works on items
  • Item Max Price - display items at the highest price
  • Item Min Price - from what price items will be displayed
  • Max Items To Render - max number of items on the screen
  • Corpses - display of corpses of players with loot
  • Extractions - shows exits from the location
  • Grenades - display grenades
  • Expensive Item Color - the color of the most expensive items
  • Custom Colors - setting the color of objects

Aimbot(Legit & Rage)

  • Vector Aimbot - vector (exact) aim
  • Aim Key - aim activation key
  • Ignore AI - ignore bots
  • Ignore Teammates - aim ignores teammates
  • Smoothness - smooth aimbot mode
  • Bone - choice of body part for aiming
  • Max Distance - maximum aiming distance
  • FOV - diameter of the aimbot
  • Prediction - accounting for the trajectory of movement
  • FOV Shape - FOV field shape
  • Draw FOV - displaying the work area of the aim
  • Silent Aim - - hitting the target without aiming

Weapon Misc(Recoil & Sway)

  • No Recoil - switching on the mode without recoil
  • Recoil X - X-axis recoil setting
  • Recoil Y - Y-axis recoil setting
  • Recoil Depth X - No Recoil depth in X
  • Recoil Depth Y - No Recoil depth in Y
  • Recoil Random X - introduce randomness into anti-recoil on X
  • Recoil Random Y - introduce randomness into anti-recoil on Y
  • No Sway - enable / disable the mode without scatter
  • Sway Intensity - Sway shaking intensity
  • Grenade Throw Distance - shows grenade throw distance

Movement Misc(Player's movements)

  • Unlimited Stamina - disable stamina costs
  • No Inertia - disabling inertia when running
  • Run Through Bushes - Running through the bushes, no slowdown
  • Max Jump Height - increased jump height
  • Max Sprint - maximum running speed
  • Max Weight Buff - Increased maximum carry weight

Other Misc(Other Misc features)

  • No Visor - disable gaze/visor effect
  • Night Vision - enable night vision mode
  • Thermal Vision - enable thermal vision mode
  • Double Search - search in two "pockets" at once
  • Instant Examine - instant study of unknown objects
  • Fast Mag Load/Unload - fast reload
  • Instant Containers - instant opening of containers with loot
  • Instant Item Pickup/Drop - instantly pick up / drop things

Extra(Other features)

  • Spoofer - spoofer included
  • StreamProof - the cheat is not visible on the stream
  • Chinese Translation - Chinese language in the menu
  • CFG System - config save system
  • Legit Config - tuned legit config
  • Semi-Rage Config - tuned configs for medium danger
  • Rage Config - tuned to rage configs
  • Save/Load Config- loading and saving ready-made settings
  • Watermark - disable the cheat logo in the corner of the screen
  • Crosshair - display crosshairs in the center of the screen