Labcore Hack for Dayz (External Software)

Information about cheat

We present to your attention an unusual product: the Labcore cheat for the game Dayz. This software is completely External and the interaction with the process and game files is minimal, so the chance of getting bases for using this cheat will also be minimal. It has all the basic necessary set of features: aimbot, ESP and some exploits (MISC). The main feature of this software is StreamProof: labcore is hidden on the recording or broadcast. The list of features can be found below; we also tried to show in detail how the hack works in the video.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

Select a tariff using the slider

Player ESP (Players, Zombies, Animals)

  • Players ESP (wh against players)
  • Skeleton ESP (wh in the form of skeletons)
  • Names (target names)
  • Distance (distance to characters)
  • Tracers (Snaplines) - wh in the form of lines
  • Animals (wh against animals)
  • Zombies (WH against zombies)
  • Custom Range (setting the maximum distance for players, animals and zombies)
  • Custom Colors (detailed color settings for ESP)

Loot ESP (Items)

  • Items Names (Show Item Names)
  • Distance (Distance to loot)
  • Limit Distance (Limit the operating range of Loot ESP)
  • Custom Colors (detailed color settings for Loot ESP)
  • Weapons (gunfires, melee)
  • Ammo (ammunition)
  • Attachments (weapon modules)
  • Medical (medicine)
  • Clothing (all clothes & equipment)
  • Food (all food and drinks)
  • Tools (crafting tools)
  • Containers (containers containing loot)
  • Consumables
  • Craftables (materials)
  • Cooking (cooking ingredients)
  • Vehicle Parts (spare parts for transport)
  • Others (other items)


  • Vectored Aimbot (Vector Aimbot, simulates human mouse movements)
  • Aim Players (Select Players as targets)
  • Aim Zombies (Select Zombies as targets)
  • FOV (Aim operating radius)
  • FOV Circle (show the aiming radius as a circle)
  • FOV Color (color of the aimbot circle)
  • Crosshair (Static crosshair in the middle of the screen)
  • Crosshair Size (static sight size)
  • Smoothness (smoothness of the aimbot, higher value - slower aim)
  • Magic Bullet (Magic bullets hit through walls and other obstacles)
  • Aim Key (Key to activate the aimbot)

Misc (Other)

  • Loot Through Walls (Pick up Items behind walls)
  • Grenade Through Walls (Throw grenades through walls)
  • Melee Through Walls (Hit melee weapons through walls)