Private cheat for Battle teams 2

Information about cheat

Our new private cheat for Battle teams 2 is equipped with many useful features. So, for example, ESP will help not only to see opponents behind obstacles, but also help to find out how much armor / hp the enemy has and the distance to him. The visual can also be customized by choosing the colors and rendering types that are comfortable for you (boxes / skeletons). Aimbot will delight you with flexible settings with an emphasis on safety of use and comfort of settings. The wh-satano team regularly updates the private cheat for Battle teams 2, maintains and improves its work, which will only strengthen the security of the software and help it stay relevant. Do not pass by our cheat and be one of the first to get a unique experience from Battle teams 2.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: NVidia & AMD
  • Client: VK Play(Game Center)

Select a tariff using the slider

Players ESP

  • Box - wh in the form of a box
  • Skeleton - drawing skeletons
  • Name ESP - nicknames of other people
  • Health - shows the number of hit points other players have
  • Armor - the amount of enemy armor
  • Distance - shows the distance to enemiesor
  • Snapline - conducts a snapline to the targets
  • Players distance - work distance


  • Aimbot - aiming at enemies when shooting
  • Bone - selection of a body part for aiming
  • FOV - aimbot work area size
  • FOV circle - show aimbot area
  • Smooth - smoothness of cheat movements when aiming
  • Crosshair - draw a static crosshair in the middle of the screeng
  • Aim marker - the point on which aim is aimed