Hack for Payday 3 (Aimbot, WH and Misc)

Information about cheat

This time we have prepared for you a cheat for Payday 3. This software works for a long time and stably and will please those who need a hack for a rather unusual game, because the gameplay is mainly PvE, not PvP. However, using the software greatly simplifies and speeds up the game, allowing you to level up and complete missions faster, unlocking new content. Inside you will find a Wallhack that displays all the necessary information on the screen, a powerful aimbot for easily eliminating enemies, as well as some other exploits. If you are looking for good software for Payday, then you have found it!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, Microsoft Store (XBOX Gamepass)

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Aimbot for Payday 3

  • Enabled (Activate aimbot)
  • Aimbot Key (Key to activate aim)
  • Hitbox (Head, Neck, Body) - body part for aimbot
  • Aimbot FOV - aim work area
  • Draw FOV - show the aiming area as a circle
  • FOV Color - color of the aimbot circle
  • Smoothing (Smooth) - smoothness of aim, higher value - smoother aim
  • Max Distance (1-1000M) - aimbot operating range

ESP (WH for Payday 3)

  • Show Players - wh against players (characters, bots)
  • Box ESP - wh in the form of boxes
  • Box Style (Corner, 2D Boxes) - box style
  • Snaplines (Bottom, Top, Middle) - wh in the form of lines
  • Skeleton ESP - wh in the form of skeletons
  • Names - player/bot names
  • Max Distance - ESP operating range

Loot ESP (Items WH for Payday 3)

  • Rich Loot - rare loot
  • Low Loot - cheap loot
  • Security Camera - show cameras
  • Keypad - show keypads
  • Digit Password - show digital passwords
  • Keycard - show keys
  • Keycard Reader - show keycard readers
  • PhoneKey Reader - show phonekey readers
  • EyeScanner -
  • HackComputer -
  • Safe - show safes
  • Max Distance - limit loot ESP range
  • Custom Colors - setting colors for WH for loot

Misc (Other features)

  • Speedhack - speed up movement
  • Font Size (Enemy, Item) - ESP text size
  • Menu Key - select a key to open the menu