Bro Cheat for Arena Breakout Infinite

Information about cheat

We present to your attention a new product: BRO cheat for Arena Breakout Infinite. Reliable and high-quality software with a large number of features. It has everything you need: Wallhack against players and bots, radar, aimbot and some MISC features. All features work properly, and settings are managed through a convenient and stylish menu. Using this cheat will make your gaming experience much more convenient and enjoyable. We wish you good luck and hope that you are interested in our offer!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Arena Breakout Launcher, Steam

Select a tariff using the slider

Player ESP (WH)

  • Boxes ESP - WH in the form of boxes
  • 2D Line - wh in the form of lines
  • Name - player nicknames
  • Distance - distance to players
  • Health - the amount of HP the players have
  • Skeleton - wallhack in the form of skeletons
  • Head Dot - a small dot on the players head
  • Dot Size - size of the dot on the head
  • Aim Laser - characters' gaze directions
  • Laser Size - length of the line of sight
  • Show Enemy - show enemies
  • Show Friendly - show allies
  • Show AI (Bots) - show bots
  • Visibility Check - show visible and invisible players in different colors
  • Max Distance - operating range WH


  • Enable Aimbot - activate aimbot
  • Bone Target - body part for aimbot
  • Aim Style - aimbot operating mode
  • Smooth - smoothness of aiming
  • FOV - size of the aimbot's working area
  • Draw FOV - show the size of the aiming area
  • Draw Locked - show the current target of the aimbot
  • Prediction - predicting the trajectory of opponents
  • Visible Check - in this mode, aim only works against targets in the visible area
  • Aim at enemies - aim against enemies
  • Aim at friendlies - aim against allies
  • Aim at AIs - aim against bots
  • Max Distance - limit the aiming distance

2D Radar for Arena Breakout

  • Show Radar - turn on the radar
  • Show Window - draw a radar window, it can be moved
  • Show Border - draw the border of the radar window
  • Show Cross - show a crosshair on the radar
  • Show Dot - show targets on the radar as dots
  • Show Enemies - displaying enemies on the radar
  • Show AI - displaying bots on the radar
  • Show Invisibles - display targets out of sight
  • Stick to Center - fix your position in the center of the radar window

Misc (Other Types of Hacking)

  • Crosshair - static crosshair in the middle of the screen
  • Draw Resolution - show your game resolution
  • Draw FPS - show your FPS
  • Draw Time - show your time
  • No Recoil - disables weapon recoil when firing
  • Speedhack - acceleration of movement speed
  • Max Fullbright - full brightness mode, allows you to see everything clearly in any lighting
  • Custom Colors - the ability to choose your own colors for various ESP features
  • Custom Binds - selecting keys to control the cheat