Phoenix Hack Valorant Aimbot

Information about cheat

Our hack for VALORANT is a perfect choice for winning every match. Phoenix hack for VALORANT includes adjustable and easy-to use aimbot. Our developers are deeply focus on individual preferences of our cheat's users, so we did our best to add various aimbot modes in VALORANT hack, which include: Legit bot (which works as aim assist), Flickbot (quickly fixes on target and does one tap), Silent aimbot, Triggerbot All these modes will help you to adjust aimbot's work to your playstyle. On top of all that, our VALORANT hack is based on colorbot - the safest VALORANT anticheat (Riot Vanguard) bypass. Since the cheat was launched, there were no major banwaves, so our product is as safe as it can possibly be, and stays undetected for the great periods of time. By choosing Phoenix Hack VALORANT, you get safe hack at a reasonable price, as well as 24/7 tech and customer support along with constant updates and improvements of our hack. The product has been functioning safe&stable, which guarantees that the Phoenix VALORANT Hack is high-quality and safe hack, and it will stay that way in future By choosing Phoenix VALORANT Hack, you choose reliable cheat provider who helps players win every match since 2015

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Riot Games, Epic Games

Select a tariff using the slider


  • Aim Assist - the first mode of operation of the aimbot - aim assist, this is a smooth aiming of the sight at the enemy
  • First Aimbot Key - the first key when holding which the aim will work
  • Second Aimbot Key - the second key when holding which the aimbot will work
  • Sensitivity - for the aim assist to work, you need to set your mouse sensitivity value from the Valorant settings in the cheat settings
  • Bone - selection of the body part on which the aim hack will be directed
  • Fov X - horizontal target acquisition radius by the software
  • Fov Y - vertical target capture area by software
  • Smooth X - aiming speed of the aim assist along the X axis
  • Smooth Y - aiming speed of the aim assist along the Y axis
  • Legit Bot - this mode is great for playing legit


  • Flick mode - in this mode, the sight moves very sharply to the enemy's hitboxes
  • Flick Key - a button on the keyboard or mouse, holding which the flick will work
  • Bone - selection of the part of the body that the flickbot will sharply aim at when activated
  • Fov X - horizontal size of the flickbot workspace
  • Fov Y - vertical flickbot area
  • Flick Time - the ability to set a pause in milliseconds between shots using flick
  • SemiRage Bot - This mode is semi-rage and is great for use with weapons that fire single shots

Silent Aim

  • Silent Aim - Silent aim is one of the most powerful types of aimbot. When using this type of aim, the bullets hit the target clearly, but your crosshair does not move and remains in place
  • Silent Key - Silent Aim activation key (must be held)
  • Bone - hitbox where bullets will hit when using silent bot
  • Fov X - horizontal radius of the Silent Aimbot
  • Fov Y - vertical radius of the Silent Aimbot
  • Silent time - pause in milliseconds between shots using silent aim hack
  • Rage Bot - this cheat mode is the most powerful and rage, works great with any weapon, but it's best to shoot single shots


  • Triggerbot - trigger bot is the max legit feature. When using the trigger, you need to aim at the enemies yourself, and the cheat will automatically shoot when the player enters the target area
  • Trigger Key - the key when holding which the triggerbot will work
  • FOV - in this case, fov is responsible for the accuracy of the trigger, the lower the value, the more accurately the cheat will shoot for you
  • Trigger Shot Delay - delay between triggerbot shots, set in milliseconds
  • Trigger Firing Rate - rate (speed) of trigger firing in milliseconds, lower value = higher speed
  • Maximum Legit Bot - with careful use of this function, the chance that other players will notice that you are a cheater is minimal


  • RCS(Recoil Control System) - this feature compensates for the recoil of weapons when firing, ideal for automatic weapons
  • Aimbot Color - the aimbot only works when using the purple highlighting color in Valorant
  • Cloud Menu - the cheat is configured on the site, there is no in-game menu, it is as convenient and safe as possible
  • Cloud CFG - your configs are stored on our server, no files are stored on your PC. Configs can be conveniently shared with other players
  • Stream Proof - software is not visible when recording video and during streaming
  • Daily Unique Builds - The source code of the cheat changes every day, which reduces the risk of detection by the anti-cheat Riot Vanguard
  • Reliable bypass of anti-cheat Riot Vanguard, unique information encryption methods
  • Security - after updating the game, if the cheat has not been updated yet, you will see an error that will prevent you from starting it