Fecurity Hack for Unturned: Wallhack (WH) & More

Information about cheat

This page contains a private cheat Fecurity for Unterned. The cheat for Unterned is made very high quality and includes all the necessary functions: WH, AIM, Loot and Recoil Control. For a fair price, you get the highest level of software that will allow you to dominate all the dangers of the gaming world. Check out the screenshots, videos, and feature list to get a more detailed look at the private cheat for Unturned. This product was developed jointly with our partners from Fecurity, which is a guarantee of quality and stability. The Fecurity cheat for Unterned will allow you to play without a ban for as long as possible. Don't miss out on our special offer!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

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  • Aimbot - assistance in aiming when shooting
  • Aim at Shoot - aim always works when shooting
  • Visible Only - aim only at visible targets (not behind a wall)
  • Recoil Compensation - weapon recoil compensation
  • FOV - aimbot work area
  • Target Switch Delay - delay between target changes
  • Hitscan Coefficient - % of shots to priority hitbox
  • Draw FOV - show the aimbot's working area as a circle
  • Silent Aimbot - powerful aimbot mode, bullets hit targets, although the sight remains in place

Wallhack (Unturned WH)

  • Player ESP - wallhack against players
  • Enemy Only - mode when wh shows only enemies
  • Boxes ESP - wh in the form of boxes
  • Skeleton ESP - wallhack in the form of a skeleton on top of enemy models
  • Distance - distance to targets
  • Nicknames - show game nicknames of players
  • Weapon - show what weapons players have in their hands
  • Max Distance - limit the maximum distance for ESP
  • Box Outline - additional outline for boxes
  • Zombies - enable ESP against zombies
  • Custom Colors - allows you to set your colors for WH
  • Visible Check - colors players behind the wall and in line of sight with different colors

Loot ESP (Items Wallhack)

  • Farm - items for farming
  • Traps And Sentries - traps and turrets
  • Explosives - various types of explosives
  • Generators - show energy sources (generators)
  • Building - materials for construction
  • Clothing - show different clothes
  • Weapons - firearms and bladed weapons
  • Attachments - modifications for weapons
  • Food - provisions, food products
  • Fuel - fuel for cars and generators
  • Tools - tools for crafting
  • Storages - boxes and other containers
  • Other - other loot
  • Distance - distance to loot
  • Custom Colors - allows you to choose your own colors for different loot

Exploits for Unturned

  • Display Compass - show a compass without it being in the inventory
  • Display Map - show the map without it being in the inventory
  • Extended Melee - increase attack range for melee weapons
  • Remove Shakes - removes character shaking when HP is low
  • Remove Sway - disable weapon swinging when shooting and aiming
  • Remove Spread - disable bullet spread when shooting
  • Remove Gray Effect - remove the gray screen effect when health is low
  • Remove Dodge Effect - removes hand shaking at low HP
  • Always Skull
  • Decrease Recoil - reduce weapon recoil by a certain %

Misc features

  • FOV Changer - change the viewing angle (move the camera away)
  • World Time - set any time of day
  • Weapon Panel
  • Aim Key - select a key for the aimbot
  • Menu Key - binding your own key for the menu