Information about cheat

Private cheat for Super people - a unique product of its kind from our partners from the SoftHub team. The program is very stable and will only get better over time. The software already has wallhack , aim, spoofer and some other functions. An excellent anti-screener will hide cheats from any screenshots, videos or streams. Simple launch and setup will make your gaming experience as easy as possible. Hurry up to try out a new hack for a new game in action

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10,11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

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General list

  • Aimbot - This function helps you aim at the enemy when shooting. Makes it easier to kill opponents
  • Prediction - Predicting the trajectory of the bullet and the movement of the enemy. Makes aimbot aiming more natural and allows you to better hit moving targets
  • Bone - By adjusting this parameter, you can select the part of the body to which the aimbot will aim when firing. Use neck or body for a more legit aim
  • FOV - The radius of the aimbot. The higher the value, the more targets around your crosshair will be captured by the aimbot when firing
  • Smooth - Aimbot aiming speed. The higher the value, the smoother and slower the aimbot will be
  • Aim Marker(Draw Priority Point) - Shows to which point the aimbot will aim
  • Draw FOV - shows your target radius selected in the FOV parameter on the screen in the form of a circle
  • Aim Key - Selecting a key for aimbot. You can put both a button on the keyboard and on the mouse
  • Boxes(ВХ) - highlights enemies behind obstacles. Look like boxes. You can choose different options for boxes, both full boxes and only corners
  • Health - Displaying the health of opponents with text or a bar
  • Name - Shows the names of other players
  • Direction of view(Eye Direction) - Displays the direction of sight (camera) of enemies
  • Weapon - Allows you to see what weapons are in the hands of opponents at the moment. It is displayed as text next to the opponent's box
  • Loot - Displaying all loot on the map through walls
  • Death Drop - Shows things (loot) inside the boxes of killed characters
  • AirDrop - displays the location of the airdrop through walls and various obstacles
  • Customization - customize various visual and not only elements for yourself: font size, distance of work and colors
  • Vehicles - shows vehicles and their names through the walls
  • Radar - Places a minimalistic radar on the screen on top of the game, which will show the location of enemies
  • Steam And Screenshot ByPass - This cheat bypasses screenshots and video capture programs, so it will not be visible on screenshots or videos captured in the game, as well as during streams
  • Spoofer - The cheat also contains a spoofer, but it is not very stable yet, so use is at your own risk. You will be asked to spoof yourself when starting the chea