Phoenix Legacy

Information about cheat

Phoenix Legacy private cheat for R6s is our top development for this game. The cheat includes a cool wallhack with detailed settings and some othersfeatures. Setting is done through a beautiful menu. The software is perfectly optimized and will not affect the performance of your PC in the game. Also the programStreamProof is supported, which means that if you capture the game window, the cheat will not be visible on the video or stream

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10(20h1, 20h2, 21h1, 21h2) , Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, UPlay, Epic Games

Select a tariff using the slider


  • Enable ESP(F3) - activates visual features
  • Show Boxes - highlights opponents with boxes
  • Show Health - Shows the HP of enemies
  • Show Names - Shows the names of enemy characters
  • Show Snapline - lines from you to enemy models
  • Show Skeleton - Draws skeletons on enemy models


  • Maverick Bullets - allows you to shoot through fortified walls with any weapon
  • No Spread - no spread of bullets when shooting. (All bullets fly to one point)
  • Upload(Del) - Panic key, disabling the whole cheat with one key