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General description of the game Hunt: Showdown

The game has undergone many changes, reaching its current state. This is an action shooter based on the story of hunters fighting monsters in Louisiana. It was originally called Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age. It was announced in 2014. Back then it was a cooperative shooter played from a third person in a similar setting. On the Internet, if desired, you can find both the gameplay of this version and a trailer for the game itself.

It was developed by Crytec USA. However, the development was quickly transferred to Vigil Games. The latter are known for developing the Darksiders games, which in turn became very popular. However, in 2013 the studio was closed. A year later, Crytec USA also stopped working.

In 2017, they announced that they had started working on the game Hunt: Showdown. Co-op gameplay has been completely removed. The new game has become a PvPvE shooter played from the first person. Players can act alone or form small teams to destroy monsters. However, it is first necessary to find and study the evidence and only use it to reach the enemy. After destroying the monster, loot is given out. The task of users is to pick it up and remove it from the card. At the same time, you need not only to survive, but also to get rid of competitors.

The game was fully released only in 2019. Early access was provided a year before release. In the game, matches between users are similar to tactical duels. The result can be achieved with a well-aimed shot or a successful blow with a knife. It is also possible to win purely by chance. There is no such thing as armor in the game, and the weapon is well balanced, so even with a cheap revolver you can destroy an opponent with better equipment. There are almost no “meta-builds” here, which are based on the fact that only those who have the most expensive weapons become winners.

Important factors play in the gameplay, such as:

  1. Knowledge of the map.
  2. Player tactics.
  3. Understanding the features of the location.
  4. Effective use of weapons.
  5. Understanding the essence and use of consumables.

The list could take a long time. It is also worth considering that you can die from several shots. Since there are no meta builds here, the player can use any shotgun. However, it is worth considering that enemies may appear in open fields or other locations where this weapon is ineffective due to short distances. Therefore, it is important not only to choose the right weapon, but also to get to a suitable location. Otherwise, its effectiveness will greatly decrease. Thanks to this, the game balance becomes almost perfect, and players can rely solely on their own skills.

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