EFT Esp + Misc

Information about cheat

Here is a new product for Tarkov in our store. This time we suggest that you consider buying a cheat with an average number of functions: wh, no recoil, and some other little things. The software is made reliably, esp features do not burn on records and screenshots. Chams only work on visible characters. The price of the product is very moderate. When creating the hack, a unique innovative bypass was used, so this cheat will be relevant for a very, very long time.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Battlestate Games Launcher

Select a tariff using the slider


  • Skeleton - highlighting players behind walls and obstacles using skeletons
  • Box - shows players behind walls using boxes
  • Line - lines from you to enemy models
  • Name ESP - shows nicknames of other players
  • Health ESP - show the number of hit points of enemy characters
  • Chams - painting models of visible characters


  • No Recoil - disables weapon recoil when firing
  • No Sway - disable weapon shaking when shooting
  • Unlimited Stamina - infinite stamina
  • No Fall Damage - You will not take fall damage


  • Aimbot - a function that helps to aim at enemies when shooting
  • Enabled - function enable/disable
  • FOV - adjusting the working area of the aim
  • Bone - Selecting the body part you want to hit