Fecurity Hack (EFT Arena Only) Aimbot + ESP

Information about cheat

We present to your attention a stripped-down version of the Fecurity cheat for EFT. This version of the software is cheaper because it only works in EFT: Arena. Otherwise, it’s the same Fecurity, everything is high quality and beautiful. The Loot tab has been cut out because it is not needed in the arena, the ESP, Exploits and Aimbot tabs are unchanged. In addition, this cheat has a built-in spoofer that will help you avoid getting an HWID lock. If you need a reliable and comfortable Tarkov Arena hack, then Fecurity is an excellent choice.
This version of the Fecurity cheat only works in the Arena. If you want the full version, you can buy it here: "Fecurity cheat for EFT (+Arena).

Attention, This cheat only works with Intel processors!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Only Intel
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Battlestate Games Launcher (BSG)

Select a tariff using the slider

Aimbot for Tarkov Arena

  • Aimbot
  • Silent Aimbot
  • Enemy Only
  • Visible Only
  • Prediction
  • FOV
  • Draw FOV
  • FOV Type
  • Remove Dispersion
  • Auto Melee (Silent Melee)
  • Maximum Distance
  • Hitscan Coefficient (Hitbox Priority)
  • Visual Preview of Bones
  • Binds (Toggle Key, Hold Key)

Players ESP for EFT Arena

  • Player ESP (Wallhack)
  • Enemy Only
  • Box ESP
  • Skeleton
  • Out of View ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Distance
  • Max Distance
  • Name
  • Weapon
  • Player's K/D
  • Player hours played
  • Level
  • Custom Colors

Other ESP

  • Corpses
  • Dropped Weapons
  • Dropped Equipment
  • Bullet Tracers
  • Bullet Tracers Owners (You, Enemies, Teammates)
  • Grenades Esp (Timer, Distance)

Misc (Extra Features)

  • Ammo Panel
  • Dynamic Crosshair
  • Thermal Vision
  • Night Vision
  • Remove Visor
  • Custom Game Time
  • Thirdperson
  • No-Fog
  • FOV Changer (Override FOV)
  • Auto Accept
  • Auto Matching
  • Auto Leave

Exploits for EFT: Arena

  • No jump delay
  • High jump
  • Changing Jump Height
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Throwing Force (Grenade throw force)
  • Instant ADS
  • No inertia
  • No malfunction
  • Always Fire
  • Always Aiming
  • No physical Condtion
  • Custom Recoil Control (0-100%)