Buy Private Cheat for Caliber

Information about cheat

This time our store has replenished with a cheat for the game Caliber. This private software has been working stably for a long time, so we decided to add it to our assortment. Our team conducted tests and we were satisfied with the quality of the cheat: the hack combines a convenient aimbot with flexible settings and a beautiful Wallhack(ESP). You will be able to see enemies through walls, and aim will make it much easier to shoot. Accounts are not banned when playing with a cheat, which will allow you to cheat for a very long time. Our partners from Softhub have made a very high-quality and safe product, we hope that you will like it too. It is worth noting that this is the safest and most inexpensive cheat for Caliber in 2023, so do not pass by such an interesting offer.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, Caliber

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  • Enable - the ability to enable / disable the aimbot, for those who like to play only with WH
  • Aim Bone - selection of a body part (bone, hitbox) on which the aimbot will be directed when working
  • Aim Key - own binds for activating aiming with the help of aimbot
  • Aim Marker - shows which point the aimbot is currently aiming with a marker
  • FOV - adjusting the size of the aimbot's working area
  • Sticky Aim - if this option is active, then the aimbot will be fixed on the target until it is destroyed or until the fire stops
  • Smooth - smoothness of the aimbot movements, the higher the value, the slower and smoother the aimbot moves
  • Aim Priority - priority for selecting targets by the aimbot, options are available by distance (Distance) and by sight (Crosshair)
  • FOV Circle - show the working radius of the aimbot as a circle around the sight
  • Crosshair - constant drawing of a static sight in the middle of the screen


  • Players ESP - various types of WH for players
  • Boxes - classic ESP in the form of boxes
  • Skeletons - highlighting players with skeletons on top of their models
  • Role - show player roles
  • Distance - distance to players in meters
  • Health ESP - allows you to see the amount of HP of enemies
  • Armor - shows the amount of armor the opponents have
  • Snaplines - wh in the form of lines to player models
  • Limit Distance - the ability to set the working distance for the wallhack
  • Players Color - the choice of color in which the players will be painted
  • Bots Color - separate color choice for bots