Buy ESP and Aim for Valorant

Information about cheat

Aimbot + ESP for Valorant is a full-fledged multifunctional cheat for this game. The software includes a powerful aimbot with very flexible and interesting settings: you can make both easy aiming assistance for an accurate game with a cheat, and a powerful silent for destroying servers. There are many settings and they are flexible, so we advise you to understand them so that the fine-tuning is perfect for your playing style. The WH also comes with a lot of different features: there are different styles of boxes, different information about the opponents, as well as color customization for different elements of the ESP. The product regularly receives security updates and is quickly updated after the release of updates in the game, so if you buy a long-term subscription, you won't go wrong. We definitely recommend at least trying this hack for Valorant, playing with this cheat is very pleasant and you definitely will not regret the money spent.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Riot Games

Select a tariff using the slider

Player ESP(WH against Players)

  • Boxes ESP - wallhack in the form of boxes
  • Box Type - various styles of boxes
  • Skeleton - wh in the form of a skeleton
  • Head Circle - a circle on the hitbox of the head
  • Distance - distance in meters to enemies
  • Healthbar - a bar showing players' HP
  • Weapon - show which weapon the characters are holding
  • See Other Users - hightlight other users of the cheat in a special way

Box Types

  • Corner - only corners
  • Outline Corner - box corners with a thin black stroke
  • Filled Corner - corners and a filled transparent dark background
  • 2D Boxes - boxes in the form of flat rectangles
  • Outline Box - 2D boxes with outline
  • Outline Box - 2D boxes with background
  • 3D Boxes - three-dimensional boxes


  • Box Color - color selection for boxes
  • Box Thickness - setting the thickness of the box lines
  • Aimline Color - color for aim lines
  • Skeleton Color - color selection for skeletons
  • Rainbow Skeleton - rainbow skeletons, iridescent
  • Skeleton Thickness - line thickness of skeletons
  • iridescent menu
  • FOV Circle Color - color selection for aim circle
  • Filled FOV Circle - transparent dark background for aim circle

Aimbot(Vector, Silent and Trigger)

  • Aim Key - bind key to activate aim
  • Smooth(Speed) - smoothness of aim movements, more value = slower aim
  • FOV - aimbot operation radius
  • Bone - hitboxes that the aimbot will work on
  • RCS - Recoil Control System
  • Disable Aim Lock(Non Sticky) - disables aim sticking to the target
  • Humanisation - makes the aim's movements more human-like
  • Mouse Emulation - emulates mouse movements when using an aimbot
  • Silent Aim - aim mode in which bullets hit the target within the FOV radius, but the crosshair does not move
  • Triggerbot - Automatically fire when an enemy hits your crosshair


  • Aim Line - draws lines to the current aimbot targets
  • FOV Circle - shows the radius of the aimbot in the form of a circle around the sight
  • WH Toggle Key - key binding to enable/disable WH
  • Menu Key - select a key to call the cheat menu
  • Panic Key - a key to completely close the cheat during the game