Undetected The Finals Hack (Fecurity)

Information about cheat

We present to your attention the first working cheat for The Finals. This product was developed jointly with our colleagues from Fecurity, so it is of high quality and reliability. The cheat only recently passed all the tests and went on sale, but it already includes everything you need: an aimbot with flexible settings and WH for players. The cheat is configured through a beautiful menu; you will have the opportunity to customize each function for yourself. Don't miss the chance to start bending over in The Finals today with a private cheat from Wh-Satano!

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel, AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam

Select a tariff using the slider

Aimbot(Vectored & Silent)

  • Aim at shoot - automatically activate aim when shooting
  • Vectored Aimbot - an aimbot that simulates human mouse movements
  • Visible Only - targeting only visible enemies
  • Enemy Only - aim only at enemies
  • Recoil Compensation(RCS) - recoil control system
  • FOV - aimbot operating radius
  • Draw FOV - draw the FOV of the aimbot using a circle around the sight
  • Vertical Degree per Second - vertical aiming speed
  • Horizontal Degree per Second - horizontal aiming speed
  • Target Switch Delay - delay before changing target
  • Hitbox Priority - priority hitbox for aimbot
  • Hitscan Coefficient - % of shots that will be sent to the priority hitbox

Player ESP(WH)

  • Player ESP - wh against players
  • Enemy only - show only enemies
  • Visible Check - color targets behind a wall and not behind a wall differently
  • Box ESP - wh in the form of boxes
  • Box Outline - outline boxes for greater clarity
  • Health ESP - show players' HP using a bar
  • Skeleton - wh in the form of skeletons
  • Distance - distance to players
  • Name ESP - nicknames
  • Max Distance - maximum distance for WH
  • Custom Colors - allows you to choose your own colors for the ESP

Misc (Extra Features of Finals Hack)

  • No Recoil - disables weapon recoil when firing
  • No Spread - disables the spread of bullets when shooting (all bullets hit one point)
  • Insta Hit - bullets instantly reach targets