Rogue Company Multihack

Information about cheat

Introducing our new product for the game Rogue Company. Software developed by our partners from SoftHub.cheat very stable, it has a lot of features, a lot of settings for inh and Aimbot. The program is regularly updated and for a long time remains be safe for players. With our hack you can play both raid and legacy. The price is also great, so we are waiting for your purchases.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10,11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, Epic Games

Select a tariff using the slider


  • Skip Knocked - does not shoot at the knocked down enemies
  • Bone - selection of a body part for aimbot
  • Fov - aiming radius
  • Smooth - more smoothness - less aiming speed
  • Draw FOV - shows the FOV aimbot with a circle
  • Silent Aim - shoots at targets without aiming


  • 2D Box - highlighting enemies behind walls with boxes
  • Skelet - highlighting opponents behind obstacles withskeletons
  • Names - shows the nicknames of the characters
  • Snaplines - lines from you to opponents, the easiest kind of wallhack
  • Eyes Direction - shows the direction of the enemy's gaze
  • Health Bar - shows the HP of enemies with a bar
  • Glow - outline the silhouettes of enemies
  • Team Check - if it is active, then the function only works on enemies'


  • Enable - turn on loot highlight
  • Pistols - shows pistols
  • Weapon - show main weapons
  • Melee - show melee weapons(knives)
  • Grenade - show thrown weapons (grenades)
  • Explosive - show explosives


  • No Recoil - Disabling weapon recoil when shooting
  • No Spread - Disabling spread of bullets when firing
  • Fast Reload - Fast weapon reload
  • Burst Mode - Shooting with a pistol or sniper rifle in automatic mode
  • Unlimited Ammo - endless ammo
  • Long Knife - increased knife attack range
  • Radar - radar on which enemies will be displayed
  • Keys - binds of various keys for cheat