WH + Aimbot for PUBG Mobile

Information about cheat

We are ready to present you our new private cheat for the mobile version of pubg - "PUBG Mobile Hack". Each cheat function is added taking into account the features of the game from the emulator. Speaking of which, this cheat only works with the game loop emulator. PUBG Mobile Hack - contains njkmrjh useful features for pleasant victories. For example, aim is very flexible, you can customize it to suit your playing style, choose the area where the bullet will hit. Also, it will allow you to exclude knocked opponents to effectively fight the group and much more. ESP (WH) - will show you everything that will interest you, enemies, their nicknames, "skeletons", loot, etc. Also, don't forget about those. support that will help you run a private cheat for pubg mobile and answer your questions.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: GameLoop (Emulator)
Keys purchased on this page won't work in Russia, India and Arab Countries. If you want to purchase the Russian verison, then click on this text. We don't have a version for Arab Countries and India, sorry.

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World ESP (PUBG Mobile Loot ESP)

  • Weapons - shows weapons lying on the ground
  • Ammo - highlights ammo
  • Consumables - various consumables (bandages, first aid kits, etc.) that lie on the ground
  • Pickups - body armor, helmets and backpacks
  • Crates - airdrops and loot boxes
  • Scopes - show sights that lie on the map
  • Modules - a variety of attachments for weapons, except for scopes
  • Vehicles - shows all vehicles (boats, cars, etc.)
  • Distance - displays the distance to the players, as well as to any other objects

Players ESP (WH for PUBG Mobile)

  • Box - highlighting players behind obstacles players with boxes
  • Skeleton - highlighting players by drawing skeletons on them
  • Name - the ability to see the nicknames (names) of other players that are highlighted by the cheat
  • Distance - displays the distance to the players, as well as to any other objects
  • Health - shows how much hp (hitpoints) the enemy has
  • Players Color & Bots Color - allows you to select different colors for highlighting players and bots
  • Snaplines - draws lines from your character to the enemy. One of the simplest types of ESP

AIM & Recoil Control (Aim for PUBG Mobile)

  • Crosshair - if the function is active, then you will always see the crosshair in the center of the screen
  • Aim Assist is a feature that helps you aim at your opponents when shooting
  • No Recoil - completely disables recoil and shaking of weapons when firing
  • Skip Knocked - if there is a jackdaw here, then the aim will not catch knocked enemies
  • Bone(Aim) - select the part of the body that the aimbot will help you aim at