Private WH + Aim Cheat for CS 2 (Counter-Strike 2)

Information about cheat

We present to your attention our first software for the brand new Counter-Strike 2. We started developing this cheat in the closed beta version of the game, so we managed to prepare everything necessary for the official release of the game. This cheat for CS 2 includes WH, aimbot, radar and some other features. The product is perfectly optimized, does not reduce FPS and does not cause any lags, so it is suitable for absolutely everyone. In addition, we have many plans and ideas for developing and updating this cheat, so this is far from the final version. This product has been translated into 3 languages: Russian, English and Chinese. We are also very pleased with the price, we were able to set a very low and pleasant price tag, we hope that you will appreciate this and will not pass by our offer. Start conquering the new CS 2 today with private cheats from Wh-Satano.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel & AMD
  • Video card: Nvidia & AMD
  • Client: Steam, Perfect World(Chinese Servers)

Select a tariff using the slider

Aim for CS2

  • Enable - turn on aiming
  • Draw FOV - show the aiming circle
  • Check Flash - check for glare
  • Ignore Smoke - ignore smoke
  • Visualize Target - line to the aimbot's target
  • FOV - aimbot operating radius
  • Smooth - smoothness of aiming
  • Shot Delay - delay before the first shot
  • After Kill Delay - delay after kill
  • RCS - recoil control system
  • RCS Bullet - after what bullet count RCS starts working
  • Separate settings for each weapon

Wallhack (WH for CS 2)

  • Player ESP - wh against players
  • Boxes - wh in the form of boxes
  • Skeleton - ESP in the form of enemy skeletons
  • Health - show enemies' HP as a bar
  • Names - player nicknames
  • Weapon - weapons in the hands of rivals
  • Eye Direction - displaying the direction of gaze
  • Snaplines - wh in the form of lines to opponents

World ESP(Weapons and etc.)

  • Enable - activate WH on objects and loot
  • Dropped Weapons - show weapons on the ground
  • Dropped Bomb - display the location of a dropped bomb
  • Planted Bomb Info - information about a planted bomb (timer)
  • Defuse Kits - shows where sapper kits are located
  • Throwed Grenades - thrown grenades

Misc (Extra Features)

  • Radar - enable radar
  • Recoil Crosshair - a sight showing where bullets will hit, taking into account recoil
  • Specators - allows you to see those who are watching you
  • NoFlash - disable blinding from flash grenades
  • NightMode - activate night mode
  • Colors - allows you to set your own colors for WH features
  • Chinese Language - cheat and menu translated into Chinese
  • Russian Language - cheat and menu translated into Russian
  • CFG System - ability to save and load configs (settings)
  • Grenade Helper